Elizabeth Warren unimpressed by Trump’s ‘goofy’ nickname: ‘Really?’

"That's the best you could come up with?"

Elizabeth Warren.
"Goofy" Elizabeth Warren. –The Associated Press

“Little Marco.” “Lyin’ Ted.” “Low-energy Jeb.” Donald Trump’s rise to presumptive Republican nominee for president was paved by his ability to put down his competitors with pithy nicknames that stick.

So last week, amid an escalating war of words between Donald Trump and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the businessman bestowed one for her. No longer was she Sen. Elizabeth Warren. She would now be “Goofy Elizabeth Warren.”

In response, Warren tweeted that the nickname was “pretty lame.” And in an interview with Mic News published on Wednesday morning, she furthered her thoughts on the “goofy” moniker.

“Really? That’s the best you could come up with?” Warren said. “Come on. I thought Donald Trump said he was a guy who was good with words.”


Warren has been a harsh, vocal critic of Trump and what she called his “toxic stew of hatred & insecurity” over the past week.

Trump, for his part, shows no signs of putting “goofy” aside, using the term in a tweet less than an hour later.

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