Elizabeth Warren is ready to defend consumer agency

Elizabeth Warren delivered some reactions to the election of Donald Trump as she speaks at the New England Women's Policy Conference at UMass Boston. Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe (Metro, Ebbert)
Elizabeth Warren spoke Friday at UMass Boston. –Josh Reynolds for The Boston Globe

WASHINGTON — Elizabeth Warren, then a Harvard Law professor, led the charge in 2010 to create a new government watchdog to protect consumers from Wall Street predation. A strong, independent agency was her first choice, she said at the time. “My second choice is no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.”

Six years later, Warren and like-minded forces are girding for Round Two, as newly empowered Republicans prepare to kill or gut Warren’s most tangible government accomplishment: the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. There’s a good chance blood and teeth will be shed before it’s all over.


“If they want to fight, it’s a fight they’ll get,” Warren said in an interview, promising a populist storm against Donald Trump’s White House.

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