Watch Elizabeth Warren and Maura Healey read mean tweets about themselves

"Elizabeth Warren scares me more than spiders"

Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Attorney General Maura Healey want the haters to know: #sorrynotsorry.

That’s the message of a new “Mean Tweets” video from the Massachusetts-based duo, which was posted to YouTube Friday by the public policy think tank MassINC.

“I have basically zero idea what @MassAGO’s track record is on anything, but I’m convinced she’s the spawn of Satan and hates fun and sports,” Healey recited in the video, reading a tweet sent to her.

Her response: “I don’t hate sports.”

The video is a local take on late-night host Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” series, in which celebrities, athletes, and politicians recite real tweets about them on camera.


Another tweet, from user @Janieepoovey, reads “Elizabeth WARREN NEEDS TO FLUSH HERSELF DOWN THE TOLIET.”

“Janie, sweetie, if you’re going all caps, at least get the spelling right,” Warren shot back.

Other highlights include Warren defending the practice of handing out applesauce on Halloween and Healey claiming that if she were in a Marvel movie, she would be Black Widow.

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