Donald Trump now says Mexico will ‘reimburse’ the U.S. for his border wall. Their former president still isn’t having it.

President-elect Donald J. Trump speaks during a news conference Wednesday at Trump Tower in New York.

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During Wednesday’s press conference, President-elect Donald Trump doubled down on one of his major campaign pledges: A massive border wall separating the United States and Mexico.

Trump has repeatedly said Mexico will pay for the wall, a claim which has been met with skepticism. On Wednesday, he affirmed his intentions to make Mexico pay for the wall—but said it might not happen right away.

“I could wait about a year and a half until we finish our negotiations with Mexico, which will start immediately after we get to office,” Trump said. “But I don’t want to wait. … I don’t want to wait a year or a year and a half, we’re going to start building.”


Trump went on to say that Mexico will “reimburse us for the cost of the wall.”

“That will happen, whether it’s a tax or whether it’s a payment—probably less likely that it’s a payment—but that will happen,” he said.

That assertion didn’t go over well Wednesday with former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who has been colorfully outspoken in rejecting Trump’s statement about making his country pay for the proposed wall.

Fox went on to call Trump a “bully and a bluff” who needs to be called out.

In a tweet last week, the former Mexican president, who has long identified with the Republican Party, told Trump to “be clear with US tax payers.”

“They will pay for it,” he said of the wall.

Speaking on Mexican television last week, the country’s current foreign minister, Luis Videgaray, said there is “no way” his country will foot the bill for the wall.

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