Watch: SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren grills the Weekend Update hosts

"You really do not stop, Senator."

Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren on Weekend Update
Saturday Night Live's Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren on Weekend Update –Screenshot via YouTube

Elizabeth Warren’s hallmark congressional interrogations got the Saturday Night Live treatment last night from the ever-versatile Kate McKinnon during a Weekend Update sketch.

McKinnon’s version of the Massachusetts senator was ostensibly there to talk about her recent dustup with Senate Republicans. But “Warren” had other ideas for the interview.

“I will never stop rooting out corruption, which brings me to my first point: Anchor [Colin] Jost, we will begin with a simple yes-or-no question,” said McKinnon, reading off a stack of papers. “It says here that you and Michael Che are credited as full cast members on this show — is that correct? Yet you only perform on a 10-minute segment entitled –I think I have it here — it’s called Weekend Update.”


Jost confirmed that was true.

“And yet you collect the same paycheck of a cast member who appears through the entire show?” McKinnon continued. “That’s interesting.”

Jost insisted it wasn’t that simple.

“Is it not also true that you are also a board member for Goldman Sachs?” McKinnon asked.

“That is not true,” Jost replied. “Why does everyone keep asking me that?”

“I think it’s the hair,” McKinnon replied, before plowing ahead with more questions.

“You really do not stop, Senator,” Jost said.

“No, I don’t,” she replied. “My Fitbit says ‘check engine.'”


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