Lincoln Chaffee jokes about running for president again in 2020

The former Rhode Island governor also criticized the media's coverage of President Donald Trump and revealed who he voted for in the Democratic primary.

Lincoln Chafee during the Democratic presidential debate hosted by CNN in Las Vegas, Oct. 13, 2015. (Josh Haner/The New York Times)
Former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee during a Democratic presidential debate in 2015. –Josh Haner / The New York Times

Granted that he still has his Facebook password, Lincoln Chafee isn’t ruling out another run for office.

I’m certainly in-between right now,” the former Republican senator-turned-independent governor-turned-Democratic presidential candidate told WPRO in a radio interview Tuesday

Asked by host Tara Granahan about a future senate or gubernatorial run, Chafee joked about taking yet another shot at the country’s highest office.

“There’s a presidential run in 2020,” he said. “You know I’ve done crazy things before.”

More seriously, the Democrat did not dismiss the notion of another run. After Chafee made pointed criticisms of Rhode Island’s Democratic Gov. Gina Raimondo, Granahan asked if he wanted to be governor again.


“That’s a long way away, Tara,” he said, adding that he has enjoyed spending time with his family. “We’ll see what happens down the road.”

Despite a string of recent media appearances, Chafee said earlier in the interview that he has no immediate plans to run.

“I’ve been in public service for 30 years — being a councilman, a mayor, senator, governor, dipping my toe into the presidential race — so it was good to take a break,” he said.

Chafee said his recent media tour began simply because he was invited to do an interview on RT America, which he said provided the opportunity to express a different foreign policy perspective.

“I’ve never been invited on one of those Sunday morning shows,” he said. “It’s always an echo chamber — the same four hawks over and over again.”

Chafee reiterated that he has no regrets about running for president in 2016 and criticized the mainstream media’s coverage of his campaign — as well as some of the coverage of the early days of President Donald Trump’s presidency.

“It’s just a full onslaught against him and I think it’s kind of tiresome — he won,” Chafee said.

“I didn’t vote for him, but he won,” he said. “Let’s let him get his feet under him and try to build a new administration, and move on.”


Nevertheless, Chafee said he disagrees with most of Trump’s positions and added that the first month of the Republican’s presidency had been “rough.”

“I don’t think anyone can argue that,” he said. “Let’s hope it levels out and he can lead this country and unify us.”

Chafee also revealed that he vote for Bernie Sanders in Rhode Island’s Democratic primary, in addition for voting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the general election.


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