Maura Healey met with President Trump, says she was disappointed by lack of specifics

Boston, MA -- 1/31/2017 -  Attorney General Maura Healey announces that her office is taking action challenging President Trump's Executive Order on Immigration.  (Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff)

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Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey pictured in Boston earlier this year. –Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

Maura Healey made an unexpected White House visit Tuesday with a national group of attorneys general to meet with President Donald Trump. She left unsatisfied by what she heard.

In a statement, the Massachusetts attorney general said she and her colleagues were invited to meet with Trump to raise their concerns around the president’s recent immigration order, health care repeal, and the opioid epidemic, among other issues.

“Unfortunately, the President offered no concrete specifics to address these serious concerns,” Healey said in the statement.

She added that, despite her vocal criticism of Trump’s agenda, she “will always welcome opportunities like these to make the case on behalf our state and our residents.”


As State House News Service first reported Wednesday, the White House meeting, which has part of scheduled quarterly meetings of the National Association of Attorneys General this week, had not been on Healey’s public schedule, but she was among the 47 attorneys general in attendance on a list released Wednesday by the White House.

Politico reports that three of the 47 listed attorneys general didn’t actually attend the meeting, and all three were Democrats. Healey, a Democrat, was among the 44 who did attend the meeting, her spokeswoman Jillian Fennimore confirmed Wednesday to

But, as Politico pointed out, Healey and a dozen other Democrats did not stick around for the group photo:

President Donald Trump gives two thumbs up as he posed Wednesday with some members of the National Association of Attorneys General at the White House. —Jim Watson / AFP