The best jokes from Elizabeth Warren, Charlie Baker, and Marty Walsh at Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day breakfast

Watch Massachusetts's top officials do their best to poke fun at Trump — and each other.

Elizabeth Warren during her monologue at the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Breakfast.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren during her monologue at the South Boston St. Patrick's Day Breakfast. –Screenshot via

Massachusetts’s top elected officials were all in attendance Sunday for Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Breakfast, an annual tradition of cringe-worthy one-liners.

The first breakfast during Donald Trump’s presidency, politicians at the Democrat-heavy event did not hold back on the Republican president — or each other.

Here are a few of the jokes that landed.

Elizabeth Warren:

In a nod to her recent dustup with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Warren said she attended this year’s breakfast despite warnings ahead of time that the event could be “really rough on me.”

“Nevertheless, I persisted,” said the senator.


Warren went on to say she enjoyed the Patriots’ recent Super Bowl win.

“Wasn’t it great to see a victory that wasn’t decided by the Russians,” she said, calling for Congress to investigate Trump’s ties to the country— only after they figured out what happened to Tom Brady’s game jersey. In fact, Warren announced that she had made progress on the latter.

“I now have found it,” she said, holding up a replica jersey (which Gov. Charlie Baker later pointed out was the wrong color). “It was sold to me off the back of a truck by Roger Goodell.”

Continuing to riff off the Super Bowl, Warren made light of her own party’s future.

“If the Pats can come back from a deficit like that, then there is hope for the Democrats in 2018,” she said.

Warren also said she was honored to be portrayed by the “amazing” Kate McKinnon on Saturday Night Live, until she realized that “they had the same person play me as plays [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions.”

“And the really disturbing part: They told me it was the same hair and makeup,” she said.

“But today is about the Irish, the immigrants Donald Trump likes,” Warren said.


She later added, “St. Patrick’s is traditionally when people are in a haze, drinking way too much. Although for a lot of Democrats, that’s been every day since the election.”

Ed Markey

Warren’s fellow Senate colleague came out hard against the Trump administration in his remarks.

St. Patrick was famous for driving the snakes from Ireland, and unfortunately they’ve all landed jobs in the White House,” Markey said.

Referring to speculation that Vladimir Putin has a vast $200 billion fortune, the senator marveled at the Russian president’s wealth.

“He owns four palaces, two yachts, and one U.S. president,” he said.

Gov. Charlie Baker

One of the few Republicans at the breakfast, Baker acknowledged the less-than-warm reception he received at the Patriots’ Super Bowl parade.

Recalling how the late Myra Kraft once said he looked like Roger Goodell, Baker said he had to remind fans that he isn’t the NFL commissioner.

“The boos start raining down, and I say, ‘Hey, wait a minute. I’m not Roger Goodell; I’m the governor,” Baker said. “And they booed even louder.”

Marty Walsh

Walsh, whose upcoming race against City Councillor Tito Jackson was the subject of ribbing throughout the event, was momentarily beguiled by his challenger before his monologue even began.

As the breakfast’s host, state Sen. Linda Dorcena Forry, introduced the mayor, Jackson’s catchy campaign song began to play, as Jackson himself — clapping to the tune — slid behind the podium. Walsh took it in stride.


That’s the most face-time he’s going to get in the next nine months,” Walsh said.

Walsh said he had earlier planned to celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland, but canceled those plans upon the worry Trump’s immigration officials wouldn’t let him back into the country. Noting his own vociferous opposition to Trump’s policies, Walsh praised his fellow leaders in the room for their courage.

“Speaking of taking a stand, my friend the governor,” the mayor said to Baker, who has walked a narrow line in responding to the president’s actions. “[Critics] say he’s sitting on the fence, but it’s not a fence; it’s a wall. A great wall. A tremendous wall.”

Walsh’s pledge to use City Hall itself as a shelter for those threatened by Trump’s immigration orders was also the subject of several bits. Walsh himself played a parody video of how life at City Hall — overrun with residents seeking refuge — has changed, which showed crowds of people in sleeping bags in his office.

Earlier during the breakfast, Rep. Stephen Lynch sang a modified version of the Beauty and the Beast song “Be Our Guest,” in ode to Walsh’s offer to shelter immigrants.

“Know the Red Sox starting lineup, that’s our test,” Lynch sang to boisterous applause. “But if you vote for Tito, come incognito. Be our guest, be our guest, be our guest.”

Maura Healey

Despite repeated statements that she is not running for governor, the Massachusetts attorney general was unafraid to challenge Baker during Sunday’s breakfast — albeit in a joking manner.

Her routine touched on the governor’s recent visits to Washington, D.C., and included a photoshopped Snapchat photo of Baker with Vice President Mike Pence.

“Congressman Lynch, aren’t you in Ivanka’s seat?” Healey added, referring to Baker’s seating arrangement at last month’s Governors’ Ball.

Healey also made a point to note the differences between herself and the governor.

“For instance, I actually voted in the presidential election,” Healey said to Baker. “I backed Hillary; you were backed into a corner.”

The governor seemed to take all the jokes at his expense in good humor. Given his high approval ratings, he could probably afford to laugh.