Elizabeth Warren loved her husband’s unconventional anniversary gift

"Ok, that may not seem very romantic, but I LOVE organized closets," Warren wrote.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has been married to her husband, law professor Bruce Mann, for 37 years. After that much time together, Mann knows what kind of anniversary gift to get the Massachusetts senator, as she revealed in a post on social media earlier this week.

Rather than shower his wife with flowers and chocolates, Mann went an unconventional — albeit very thoughtful — route this year.

“Last night when I got home, Bruce met me with a sweeping “ta-da!” and flung open the door to the hall closet,” Warren wrote. “New shelf. Hooks. A place for grocery bags. ‘Happy Early Anniversary!’ Ok, that may not seem very romantic, but I LOVE organized closets. (Yes, I hang all my jackets together, arranged by color.) But I have zero time to hang a shelf and even less time to get out the drill and put up some hooks.


“The new shelf and hooks (and Bruce’s enthusiasm for them) made me laugh – and reminded me just how sweet and thoughtful Bruce always is,” Warren continued. “Back when I proposed to Bruce, I knew he was pretty special. But through decades of ups and downs – kids, dogs, moves, living in separate cities, deaths in the family, and on and on – he’s turned out to be even more special than I originally thought. He even hangs a shelf on occasions like this. I’m a very lucky woman. Happy anniversary, Sweetie. I love you.”


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