WBUR poll finds Elizabeth Warren and Charlie Baker are well ahead of challengers

Elizabeth Warren and Charlie Baker hold advantages of at least 23 and 34 points, respectively, over all competitors.

Governor Baker and Elizabeth Warren
Governor Charlie Baker and Senator Elizabeth Warren listen as Consulate General Valery Freland addresses a crowd on Boston Common in November 2015. –Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

Senator Elizabeth Warren and Governor Charlie Baker shouldn’t be too concerned heading into the 2018 election cycle, according to a new WBUR poll.

Both Massachusetts politicians are perceived favorably by a majority of Massachusetts voters, the poll found. Warren was viewed favorably by 55 percent of the state’s voters, with her support coming primarily from fellow Democrats. Baker, a Republican, was viewed favorably by 67 percent of voters, including 66 percent of Democrats.

In the poll, Warren led her closest challenger, Beth Lindstrom, by 23 percentage points. Her strongest advantage of 31 points was versus Shiva Ayyadurai, who recently decided to run as an independent.


Baker led Setti Warren, his most well-known competitor, by 34 points. The poll’s margin of error was 4.4 percentage points.

More data is available on WBUR’s website.


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