Here’s how Massachusetts politicians are supporting net neutrality as the FCC vote approaches

Massachusetts politicians have continued to tweet about net neutrality ahead of Thursday's FCC vote.

Ed Markey
Senator Ed Markey. –Lukas Schulze / Getty Images

On Thursday, the Federal Communications Commission will vote on repealing Obama-era measures that prevent broadband companies from controlling internet use by blocking or intentionally slowing access to specific sites or types of content. These regulations are often referred to as “net neutrality” policy. The Republican-controlled FCC is expected to vote to repeal net neutrality regulations, which has prompted outrage.

Senator Ed Markey is one of several Democratic senators who has continued to tweet about the decision throughout the day, while also sharing a livestream of the Senate floor on Facebook.

Markey has also retweeted comments from other senators and organizations promoting net neutrality.


Here’s what other Massachusetts politicians have posted on social media:

Representative Katherine Clark

Representative Joe Kennedy III

Representative Jim McGovern

Representative Niki Tsongas

Attorney General Maura Healey


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