‘We can’t stop now’: Massachusetts Democrats react to stunning Alabama Senate upset

The Bay State’s Congressional delegation is cheering the victory of Democrat Doug Jones.

Boston, Massachusetts -- 3/30/2015-- Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey (R) listen to remarks during a formal ceremony to dedicate the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston, Massachusetts March 30, 2015. Jessica Rinaldi/Globe Staff
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Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey –Jessica Rinaldi / The Boston Globe

Massachusetts Democrats are celebrating the stunning victory of Democrat Doug Jones in Alabama’s special Senate election Tuesday over his Republican opponent, Roy Moore, who faces a string of sexual misconduct allegations.

“It’s a proud night for America,” Rep. Seth Moulton tweeted of Jones’s upset.

Both Sen. Ed Markey and Rep. Jim McGovern thanked the people Alabama for the victory.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren echoed the the sentiments of her colleagues, saying Alabama sent a “powerful message” across the nation with the election results, referencing the accusations that have been leveled against the defeated Republican candidate.

“The American people will fight back against bigotry, hate &, yes, pedophilia – & reject a man totally unfit to serve in the US Senate,” she said. “Republican, Democrat, Independent – on this, there will be no compromise.”


Warren said that Jones’s election, which marks the first Democratic Senate victory in Alabama in a quarter century, signals that her party can win in “every district & state across the country,” and therefore “must fight harder than ever before” in future elections.

“We can’t stop now,” she said. “The 2018 elections are less than a year away. We must invest in campaigns across the country. We must take a stand against the hateful ideologies that have been making their way back into our country’s highest offices.”

Warren is running for reelection in 2018.


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