Here’s what the Massachusetts congressional delegation is saying about the government shutdown

“This government #shutdown is perfectly representative of the chaos of the #Trump Administration at the one year mark. 365 days of screwing Americans,” Seth Moulton tweeted.

Congressman Seth Moulton. –Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe

Members of the Massachusetts Congressional delegation are blaming President Donald Trump and their Republican colleagues after Congress failed to pass a stopgap funding bill, forcing a shutdown of the federal government at midnight Friday.

Rep. Seth Moulton called for a “new generation of leaders” following the shutdown and remarked on the timing of the funding failure with the one-year anniversary of Trump taking office.

The Salem Democrat also shared that after the vote failed to pass, he was approached by a janitor collecting trash in the congressman’s office, asking if a shutdown had been averted.

If the shutdown extends until Monday, almost half of the 2 million civil federal workers will be prevented from doing their jobs.


Moulton wasn’t alone in expressing the belief that American citizens deserved better leadership.

On 1st anniversary of Trump presidency he caused a #shutdown despite GOP controlling every branch of govt,” Rep. Jim McGovern wrote on Twitter. “Unbelievable.”

“By shutting down our government, the Republican-controlled House, Senate, and White House have failed to meet their most basic obligation,” Rep. Katherine Clark said in a statement. “Please know that I will be fighting every day to restore government funding and prevent harm to workers, seniors, veterans, disabled Americans, and children. My offices will remain open and our staff will continue to serve our constituents in the Fifth Congressional District.”

Sen. Elizabeth Warren agreed, tweeting, “This is no way to govern.”

“President Trump and the Republican Congressional leadership are orchestrating this shutdown to avoid dealing with issues that are critical to our country, including funding healthcare for more than 9 million children and protecting Dreamers,” Rep. Bill Keating said in a statement.

“Republicans need to stop hiding from important issues we were sent here to work on,” Rep. Richard Neal said.


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