Stephen Colbert went after Charlie Baker’s GOP primary challenger on ‘The Late Show’

Scott Lively earned a brief lampooning from Colbert this week.

04/28/2018  WORCESTER, MA     Candidate for Governor Scott Lively (cq) spoke during the Massachusetts GOP State Convention held at the DCU Center in Worcester.  (Aram Boghosian for The Boston Globe)
Scott Lively this past April at the Massachusetts GOP State Convention in Worcester. –Aram Boghosian / The Boston Globe

Gov. Charlie Baker has a Republican primary challenger this summer, and Stephen Colbert is not a fan.

Scott Lively, a Springfield pastor known for his anti-gay views, garnered enough support from delegates at the Massachusetts Republican in April to qualify for the September primary ballot.

That accomplishment was also enough for Lively to earn himself a brief lampooning from Colbert during “The Late Show” on Tuesday night.

Lively’s three-minute roast was part of recurring segment for the 2018 midterm elections called “Profiles in Discourage,” a riff on President John F. Kennedy’s famous book, “Profiles in Courage.” Colbert started by pointing out that when you do a Google search for Lively, the related suggestions include Adolf Hitler.


‘That’s not a good sign for your brand,” he said.

Colbert went on to address Lively’s 1995 book, “The Pink Swastika,” in which he dubiously wrote that the Nazi party was “controlled by ‘militaristic’ homosexuals.”

“Well, that’s a new one to blame on the gays,” Colbert joked, before adding “Nazis” to a satirical, “Family Feud”-like digital board.

Lively addressed his fraught history on gay rights at the GOP convention, telling reporters that he has “some fence-mending that I need to do with people in the LGBTQ community.”

“I have overstated some things — not so much in my writings, I can defend just about anything I’ve written — but sometimes, giving a speech, especially when you’re under siege like I have been, and the media is only looking at you and not fact-checking the other side, too, sometimes you sort of fall into hyperbole, and I’m guilty of some hyperbole,” he said.

Colbert took issue with Lively’s use of the word “hyperbole.”

“No, I’m sorry,” he said. “‘I just caught the biggest fish in history’ is hyperbole. ‘The Holocaust was caused by gay Nazis’ is a Cards Against Humanity combo.”


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