Russian charged with Trump’s ex-campaign chief is key figure

Konstantin Kilimnik, an elusive figure under indictment for alleged witness tampering by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, is seen seated on the far left in a March 2006 photo obtained by The Associated Press as part of a collection of internal corporate memos and business records from the international political consulting offices of Donald Trump’s ex-campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. Mueller has indicated that Kilimnik is in Russia and has ties to Russian intelligence, which Kilimnik disputes. The photograph represents one of the few images known to exist of Kilimnik. Also in the photo, seated from left: Kilimnik, Martha Young, Catherine Barnes, Tad Devine, Paul Manafort, Phillip Griffin; standing from left: Lee Avrashov, an unidentified individual and Christian Ferry. (via AP) –The Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) — Internal memos and business records obtained by The Associated Press show that Russian citizen Konstantin Kilimnik (Kuh-LIMB-nick) played a far more important role formulating pro-Russia political strategy with Donald Trump’s ex-campaign chairman Paul Manafort many years ago than was previously understood.

Kilimnik is an elusive figure now indicted alongside Manafort on witness tampering charges. Special counsel Robert Mueller believes Kilimnik is currently in Russia and has ties to Russian intelligence.

Internal memos and other business records obtained by the AP include a rare 2006 photograph of Kilimnik, in an office setting with Manafort and other key players in Manafort’s consulting firm. Some of the documents were later independently obtained by U.S. government investigators.