‘He knows about the things my heart wants’: Elizabeth Warren shares wedding anniversary message for her husband

“It made no sense for Bruce and me to get a puppy.”

Elizabeth Warren hugs her husband Bruce Mann during an election night rally in Boston on November 6, 2012.
Elizabeth Warren hugs her husband, Bruce Mann, during an election night rally in Boston on Nov. 6, 2012. –AP Photo/Michael Dwyer

Sen. Elizabeth Warren shared on social media Thursday why her husband, Bruce Mann, got a puppy as the couple celebrates their 38th wedding anniversary.

“Today is our anniversary, and I’m reminded of one more reason I love Bruce: He knows about the things my heart wants,” she said.

Puppies — she pointed out — take work and are “a bother.” With the demands of their respective jobs, and with a puppy’s needs — chewing everything, the housetraining, and cries for attention — Warren said she knew “it made no sense” for them to get a dog.

“Otis, our big, solid golden retriever had gotten me through my first Senate campaign,” the senator reflected. “When all the decisions and demands crowded in, Bruce and I would walk Otis around Fresh Pond. If I really felt aggravated by some Republican attack, I’d brush Otis. And every evening, Bruce, Otis and I would settle on the couch for an hour of television.”


When Otis died of cancer five days before Warren was elected in 2012, she said she felt she couldn’t take on another canine companion.

From time-to-time, when the couple talked about getting a puppy, Warren said the “list” of reasons not to would prevail.

“A few weeks ago, Bruce said, ‘We’re getting a dog,’” the senator wrote. “I started to recite the list, and Bruce just smiled. ‘The heart wants what the heart wants.’ And now we have Bailey who chews, piddles, and makes my heart happy.”


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