Poll: Massachusetts dislikes Trump’s job performance more than any other state

Last month, 62 percent of Bay State voters disapproved of how the president has handled the job, the survey says.

No other state dislikes how President Donald Trump has handled the presidency more so than Massachusetts, a recent poll found.

The latest Morning Consult survey shows 35 percent of voters in the historically Democratic-leaning state approved of Trump’s job performance when polled last month, opposed to 62 percent who disapproved.

The difference shows a net approval rating of -27 percent, with a margin of error give or take 1 percent, according to the survey, which has polled registered voters across the country every month since Trump’s inauguration.

Overall, Bay State voters have grown to dislike the president’s job performance more and more, the numbers show.

In January 2017, 43 percent of them approved of how Trump handled things while 47 percent voiced disapproval, according to the survey, conducted by the same pollsters that found Republican Charlie Baker to be the country’s most popular governor.


A close second to Massachusetts in the latest survey was Vermont, with a net approval rating for Trump of -24 percent, followed by California and Hawaii, each with a net approval rating of -23 percent.

Across other parts of New England, the numbers put Rhode Island with a net approval of -21 percent; Connecticut with -16 percent; New Hampshire with -13 percent; and Maine with -7 percent.

However, despite Massachusetts at the top of the list for state disapproval, it seems those who do not see eye-to-eye with the president the most are where he lives: Washington, D.C.

There, Trump’s approval rating last month was 20 percent with 77 percent of voters disapproving, making for a net approval of -57 percent, according to the survey.

So where do the most voters give Trump a thumbs up?

Wyoming, a state where the president swept up nearly 70 percent of the vote and won every county except one in 2016.

Voters there last month gave the president a 63 percent approval rating, with 32 percent disapproving. That’s a net of 31 percent.

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