When and where are the 3rd Congressional District recounts happening?

As of Wednesday morning, a majority of towns and cities had scheduled recounts for Friday.

Lori Trahan and Dan Koh.
Lori Trahan and Dan Koh. –Pat Greenhouse / The Boston Globe, Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe

The 3rd Congressional District Democratic primary election recount will start in Methuen on Thursday, a rolling schedule published Wednesday indicates.

In a press release, Secretary of State William Galvin’s office said towns and cities across the district have started to identify when they will begin their recount processes to ultimately settle the results of the close-to-the-finish race between Lori Trahan and Dan Koh.

Municipalities must hold recounts by Monday. According to a list of scheduled recounts, as of Wednesday afternoon, three were scheduled for Thursday, with 16 communities set for Friday, 10 for Saturday, one for Sunday, and six for Monday.


Lowell, a regional hub where voters cast the most votes — a total of 11,533 ballots — in the district during the Sept. 4 primary, has its recount set for Sunday morning, Galvin’s office said.

The city’s Elections Commission is meeting the day before to ready the process.

“As part of that meeting, the Elections Commission will be unsealing the ballots boxes, in the presence of campaign representatives, in order to group ballots into blocks of 50 to prepare for the recount the following morning,” a press release from Galvin’s office said.

As of Monday, Trahan had a lead over Koh in certified results with a margin of 122 votes. Koh’s campaign submitted the paperwork needed to call for a recount by last week’s deadline.

Recounts are open to the public. Candidates are also allowed to have a campaign representative present at each one, officials have said.

Read the full list of scheduled recounts.


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