An updating list of the town-by-town results in the 3rd District primary recount

Twenty-four of the 37 communities in the district have completed their recounts.

Lori Trahan and Dan Koh.
Lori Trahan and Dan Koh. –Pat Greenhouse / The Boston Globe, Craig F. Walker / The Boston Globe

The 3rd District is running it back.

A recount of the Massachusetts congressional race’s Democratic primary election results is underway, after candidate Lori Trahan beat Dan Koh by 122 votes, or less than one half of a percent of the overall ballots, according to the official tally. Secretary of State Bill Galvin ordered a district-wide recount after Koh filed more than the 500 signatures necessary to request the process.

The final certified tally in the Sept. 4 election had Trahan, a chief of staff to former Rep. Marty Meehan, with 18,527 votes. Koh, the former chief of staff to Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, had 18,405, according to the original count.


But now, local election officials must count and re-tally each ballot cast in the congressional race by hand by Monday, Sept. 17.

Galvin’s office has published a town-by-town schedule for the recount, which will go through the weekend. The process began Thursday in the towns of Methuen, Berlin, and Ashburnham. Sixteen other towns are holding their recounts Friday.

Lowell — the largest city in the district and Trahan’s hometown, which she won in a landslide — is scheduled to begin their recount Sunday morning. Galvin’s office has taken direct control over the city’s recount, citing “administrative errors” by the local election office in the processing of ballots and the tallying of the results.

Galvin’s office says that the widespread gas explosions and fires that hit the Merrimack Valley on Thursday did not affect anywhere ballots were being stored, though the location of Lawrence’s recount Saturday was moved to the Guilmette School in the aftermath of the events and ongoing power outages.

Updates below:

Lawrence and Tyngsborough:

Trahan’s lead increased by another vote following the recounts in Lawrence and Tyngsborough.

Galvin’s office announced Sunday morning that the Lawrence recount showed that Koh received 871 votes in the city, while Trahan received 231. The original certified results had Koh with 870 and Trahan with 229 (state Rep. Juana Matias won the city in a landslide with nearly 7,000 votes).


There were no changes to the original tally in Tyngsborough, where Trahan was the top vote-getter with 751 votes and Koh received 195.


Koh chipped into Trahan’s lead by five votes following Saturday’s recount in his hometown.

According to Galvin’s office, Andover’s recount found that Koh received 1,850 votes, three more than the 1,847 he had in the original tally. Meanwhile, Trahan lost two votes in the town. The original results had her with 460, but the recount found she received 458.

Through 22 of the 37 communities in the district having completed with recounts, Trahan’s 122-vote lead in the original results has increased by four.

Haverhill, Fitchburg, Concord, and Stow

Trahan added another vote to her lead after the four communities completed their recounts Saturday.

According to Galvin’s office, Koh picked up a vote in Haverhill — the recount resulted in him getting 2,072, as opposed to 2,071 votes in the original tally; Trahan remained with 678 — but lost two in Fitchburg. The city’s recount found that Koh received 755 votes, though he got 757 in the original tally. Trahan’s 326 votes remained unchanged from the original tally.

Both candidates added two votes in Concord. According to Galvin’s office, the results of the recount left Koh with 697 votes and Trahan with 714. The original results had Koh with 695 and Trahan with 712. The original certified results in Stow, where Koh got 168 votes and Trahan got 143, remained unchanged.

Marlborough and Shirley

Galvin’s office announced Saturday afternoon that Marlborough and Shirley had completed their recounts. In both towns, the tallies remained unchanged.

In Marlborough, Koh received 851 votes and Trahan received 570. In Shirley, Trahan was the top vote-getter with 137 votes, while Koh had 126.

Lancaster and Hudson


Galvin’s office reported Friday evening that the towns of Lancaster and Hudson both completed their recounts, resulting in another additional vote for Trahan.

The recount in Lancaster resulted in 178 votes for Koh and 109 votes for Trahan, who had 108 vote in the original tally. Koh’s tally in Lancaster did not change.

In Hudson, where Koh received 669 votes and Trahan received 368 votes, there was no change in the original tally following the recount.

Trahan’s overall lead has widened by eight votes.

Acton, Boxborough and Westford

Trahan added to her lead by one vote, following Acton’s recount Friday. According to Galvin’s office, the results left Trahan with 584 votes and Koh with 673 votes. The original tally had Trahan with 583 and Koh with 673.

Galvin’s office also announced Friday afertnoon that Boxborough and Westford had both completed their recounts, but there were no changes to the tallies in either of the two towns.

With more than a third of the communities in the 3rd District having completed their recounts, Trahan’s original 122-vote margin of victory has increased by seven votes.

Groton and Sudbury

Koh received one additional vote in Groton following the town’s recount Friday. According to Galvin’s office, the Groton recount resulted in 431 votes tallied for Koh, who originally received 430 in the certified tally. Trahan, who was the town’s top vote-getter, saw no change in her 448 vote total.

In Sudbury, there were no changes in the original certified vote totals.

With 10 communities having completed their recounts, Trahan has seen her lead increase by six votes to 128.

Harvard and Westminster

Trahan picked one additional vote following Friday’s recount in towns of Harvard and Westminster.

Galvin’s office announced that Harvard’s recount found that she received 189 votes, as opposed to 188, as counted in the original certified tally. Koh, who received the most votes of all the candidates in the town, received 246 votes in the recount, which was unchanged from his original total.

There were no changes to the tally in Westminster, where Trahan received 121 votes and Koh received 167.

Through eight recounts, Trahan’s lead has increased by seven votes to 129.

Pepperell and Littleton

Trahan’s lead increased by another three votes following recounts in Pepperell and Littleton, which Galvin’s office said were completed Friday afternoon.

Pepperell’s recount showed that Trahan’s tally increased from 317 votes to 320 votes in the town, while Koh’s total increased from 305 to 306.

In Littleton, Trahan’s vote tally increased from 398 to 400 following the recount, while votes for Koh went up from 232 to 233.

With six of the 37 recounts completed, Trahan’s 122-vote margin of victory has widened by another six votes.


Koh apparently lost a vote in Carlisle after the small Boston suburb wrapped up its recount Friday morning. The original tally had Koh with 223 votes in the town, while Trahan had 200. But the recount showed that Koh had received just 222, according to Galvin’s office. Trahan’s tally remained the same.

Trahan’s lead has increased by three votes through four recounts so far.

Methuen and Ashburnham

Trahan picked up another vote following the city of Methuen’s recount Thursday. In a press release Friday morning, Galvin’s office said that the recount resulted in one additional vote for Trahan and no change in the votes for Koh, who was the top vote-getter in the city. Methuen’s original certified tally had Koh with 1,670 votes and Trahan with 875 votes (now she has 876).

In Ashburnham, the recount resulted in no changes in the original tallies. Koh received 170 votes in the town, while Trahan received 84.


One down, 36 to go.

Trahan added a single vote to her tally in Berlin, after the small, MetroWest town became the first of 37 communities in the 3rd District to complete its recount Thursday afternoon.

According to Galvin’s office, the town’s hand recount resulted in 75 votes for Koh and 70 votes for Trahan. The original certified tally in Berlin had Koh with 75 votes and Trahan with 69 votes. Receiving 119 votes, Rufus Gifford was the top vote-getter in the town.