Here’s what Mass. politicians are saying about tear gas being fired at migrants at the border

Bay State politicians reacted sharply to the images of women and children running away from the gas fired by U.S. border agents.

A group of Central American migrants climb the border fence between Mexico and the United States, near El Chaparral border crossing, in Tijuana, Baja California State, Mexico, on November 25, 2018. - Hundreds of migrants attempted to storm a border fence separating Mexico from the US on Sunday amid mounting fears they will be kept in Mexico while their applications for a asylum are processed. An AFP photographer said the migrants broke away from a peaceful march at a border bridge and tried to climb over a metal border barrier in the attempt to enter the United States. (Photo by Pedro PARDO / AFP)PEDRO PARDO/AFP/Getty Images
Central American migrants climb the border fence between Mexico and the United States, near El Chaparral border crossing in Tijuana, Mexico, on Sunday. –Pedro Pardo / AFP / Getty Images

Massachusetts politicians have reacted with horror and condemnation to the photos of migrant women and children fleeing from tear gas fired by U.S. border agents near Tijuana, Mexico, on Sunday.

The New York Times reports that what started as a peaceful march by Central American migrants waiting at the border devolved when a group rushed the crossing into the United States. In response, the Customs and Border Protection agency shut down the border and fired the tear gas to push migrants back from the fence.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said in a statement that border officers were struck by thrown projectiles.


According to the Times, the border crossing reopened Sunday night.

Photos of migrants fleeing the gas, taken by Reuters photographer Kim Kyung-Hoon, sparked outrage on social media.

Rep. Jim McGovern called the situation “horrific.”

“Reasonable people can disagree on immigration policy. There can be no disagreement when it comes to firing tear gas on innocent families. It is wrong,” he wrote on Twitter.

Here’s what Bay State politicians are saying about the situation:

Rep.-elect Ayanna Pressley

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone

Rep. Katherine Clark

Rep. Jim McGovern

Rep. Joe Kennedy

Rep. Bill Keating

Sen. Elizabeth Warren