Marty Walsh and Charlie Baker may take a road trip together

The Boston mayor says the duo should show Washington, D.C., "how to build bridges."

Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh.
Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Marty Walsh. –Lane Turner / The Boston Globe, File

Marty Walsh and Charlie Baker may be hitting the road.

As gridlock continues to stall a divided Congress, the Democratic Boston mayor and Republican Massachusetts governor may have a thing or two to show some of their federal colleagues, according to Walsh.

In his State of the City address Tuesday night, Walsh said the pair are “going on a road trip” to advocate on behalf of several hot button issues in the Bay State and prove how leaders can reach across the aisle to seek solutions.

“We have a Republican-led Senate and a Democratic House, so we’ll go to Washington with a united front and call for the investments in housing and transit and the environment that our future depends on,” Walsh said. “Instead of building walls, let’s show them how to build bridges.”


Their bipartisan “bromance” has been well documented over the last few years. Baker has said the relationship was forged during the necessity to work closely together amid Boston’s historic winter, when massive amounts of snow snarled public transportation and walloped the city in early 2015.

Walsh declared Tuesday the two would make the trip down to Washington, D.C., together toward the end of his 30-minute speech, in which he cast Boston as an example the rest of the country can follow.

“A government that’s supposed to be ‘of the people, by the people, for the people’ is shut down,” Walsh said during his address. “The state of our city is strong, but I’m concerned about the state of our union.”

To be clear, there are currently no official plans for a road trip, WGBH reports.

But the Baker administration told reporters Tuesday the governor is open to the idea and that he “looks forward to continuing their productive partnership to benefit the people of Boston and the Commonwealth.”

In his speech, Walsh touted the city’s efforts to create more affordable housing, to boost opportunities for the middle class, and to protect the city from the effects of climate change.


“What happens in Washington, we feel on the streets of Boston,” he said. “But here’s what matters more: What we do in Boston can change this country.”

Watch the full address: