Kate McKinnon spoofed Elizabeth Warren on ‘SNL’

"I'm like if Monday Night Raw was hosted by NPR's Terry Gross."

Kate McKinnon as Sen. Elizabeth Warren on SNL.
Kate McKinnon as Sen. Elizabeth Warren on SNL. –Screenshot via YouTube

Kate McKinnon revived her impersonation of Sen. Elizabeth Warren this weekend on “Saturday Night Live” in an interview with Weekend Update host Colin Jost about the Massachusetts Democrats’ nascent 2020 presidential campaign.

“I’m ready to fight. Are you in this fight, Colin? Because I want you in this fight. We gotta fight,” McKinnon said, picking up on one of the central themes of Warren’s populist message.

“You say that word ‘fight’ a lot,” Jost noted.

McKinnon responded that it was because she’s a fighter, battling for the middle classes and policies like Medicare for All.

“I’m like if Monday Night Raw was hosted by NPR’s Terry Gross,” she said.


Jost asked McKinnon about the recent criticism of some media coverage of whether Warren was “likable” enough to win the presidency.

“Look, I’m sorry I’m not young and pretty like Donald ‘Jackass’ Trump,” McKinnon replied.

“Was the article sexist? Of course, it was,” she continued. “Am I likable? Prob not. But neither is a prostate exam. But you need one, or you’ll die.”

Asked about the other potential candidates running for the Democratic presidential nomination, McKinnon noted that former Vice President Joe Biden and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders would be in their late-70s, while she (Warren) is a “spry and naughty 69.” McKinnon added that the reason former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke — also said to be considering a presidential campaign following his unsuccessful Senate bid — has a “nice face and good skin” was because “he ain’t done anything.”

Jost also asked about Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who just this past week jumped into the race.

“Oh don’t you mean Kirsten ‘Stole-my-brand’?” McKinnon replied, alluding to the New York senator’s evolution toward more progressive views.

“Medicare for all, what a novel concept” she continued. “I’ve been saying that since 1963 when I was running the Wells Fargo wagon out of my town.”


(After some wavering herself, Warren officially backed a single-payer health care system in 2017.)

Finally, McKinnon addressed the recent DNA test Warren took to address the controversy around her claims of American Indian heritage.

“The test came back 100 percent bad idea,” she said. “Who knew race science wasn’t a good PR strategy?”

“Lost that fight,” McKinnon added.