A Connecticut company is bottling a limited-edition soda because of the government shutdown

Avery's Soda officials said 'Shutdown Swill' will be available until the partial federal government shutdown ends.

Avery's Shutdown Swill soda
Avery's 'Shutdown Swill' soda –Courtesy of Avery's Soda

The government shutdown is the longest in history, and now there’s a soda for that. 

Avery’s Soda in New Britain, Conn., launched its new “Shutdown Swill” soda on Jan. 15, and the company promises a free bottle to federal employees who stop by its headquarters.

“As long as the shutdown is going on, the soda is still available,” said Rob Metz, Avery’s general manager.

The soda is green with a mix of raspberry and citrus flavors, according to the post.

“We have a tradition of creating special flavors for important political events, when the government shutdown became the longest in our country’s history, we sprang into action,” according to the Facebook post. “We knew we wanted a green colored soda, because it’s all about the money, so we concocted a tasty combination of Blue Raspberry and Orange, with a little extra citric acid for some bitterness.”


When asked if federal employees have been taking them up on the free soda offer, Metz said “oh, tons of them.”

“We’re shipping out to a lot of folks,” he said. This includes a park ranger in the Everglades, “a bunch of people” in Washington D.C., as well as others in Colorado and Salt Lake City, Utah. Transportation Security Administration agents have stopped by, too.

Avery’s first soda commemorating a political event was during the 2008 presidential election. The company concocted “Barack O’Berry” for Barack Obama and “John McCream” for Republican candidate John McCain.

For the 2016 presidential election, the company made a “Hillary Hooch” for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton and a “Trump Tonic” for now-President Donald Trump.

The Trump flavor was called “Make America Grape Again,” a play on the Trump campaign’s slogan, while the Clinton flavor was a mystery, according to Metz.

“The flavor was classified, actually,” he said, a poke at Clinton’s private email server.