‘We are a healthy blended family,’ Ayanna Pressley says of being a stepmom

"She is without question my child.”

Congresswomen Elect Ayanna Pressley speaks to reporters after voting at the Adams Street Library on Election Day in Boston, Massachusetts to vote on November 6, 2018. - Americans started voting Tuesday in critical midterm elections that mark the first major voter test of Donald Trump's presidency, with control of Congress at stake. (Photo by AFP)/AFP/Getty Images AFP / Getty Images

Rep. Ayanna Pressley has a message for those who think she should stop referring to her husband’s child as her “stepdaughter” — thanks, but no thanks.

The Massachusetts congresswoman said someone approached her at an event on Sunday with the argument that she shouldn’t use the term “stepdaughter.”

“It was inferred that by calling Cora my step-daughter, I am creating a distinction or a step down,” Pressley wrote on Twitter Monday. “There is no distinction in my heart and she is without question my child.”

Pressley and her husband, Conan Harris, met in 2011, and they married in 2014.

The congresswoman called it the “joy of [her] life” to be “Bonus Mom” to Cora. “I love & honor her Bio Mom,” Pressley wrote on Twitter. “We are a healthy blended family, like many today. #wegood Thx!”