Mitt Romney celebrated his birthday with a cake made of his ‘favorite snack’

“Goodness gracious, look at this! Good thing I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney waves as he arrives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on August 25, 2012. After a bitter, months-long campaign grind, US Republicans meet in Tampa, Florida, next week to crown Mitt Romney the nominee to challenge President Barack Obama for the White House in November. AFP PHOTO/Jewel SamadJEWEL SAMAD/AFP/GettyImages Jewel Samad / AFP

Mitt Romney was surprised with a special cake made from what he said is his “favorite snack” to celebrate his 72nd birthday on Tuesday morning.


The Utah senator and former Massachusetts governor told his staffers the treat was “what [he’s] always wanted.”

“Look at that,” he said in video posted to Twitter. “Holy cow. That’s fantastic! Wow! What are you guys going to have? Look at this.”

Romney then began to blow out his birthday candles by removing them from the cake, one by one, to extinguish the flames.

“These are all wishes I’m getting,” he told those crowded into his office.

“Goodness gracious, look at this!” he added. “Good thing I haven’t had breakfast yet.”