Elizabeth Warren teases TMZ after video of her running to catch a train

"Try and keep up."

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., center, talks with owner Tim Williamson at Cater's Drug Store in Selma, Ala., on Tuesday, March 19, 2019. (Jake Crandall/The Montgomery Advertiser via AP)
Sen. Elizabeth Warren talks with a store owner in Selma, Alabama. –Jake Crandall / The Montgomery Advertiser via AP

Did Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s interview with Stephen Colbert go a bit longer than expected?

Right after the taping of the interview Monday night, the Massachusetts senator and Democratic presidential candidate had a train to catch from Penn Station in New York back to Washington, D.C.

And she was literally running late.

“Hi, how are you? Sorry, I’m running for a train,” Warren said, as she and two aides breezed by TMZ reporter Adam Glyn outside the station.

“You’re the only presidential nom — you’re the fastest presidential nominee that’s ever run for a train,” Glyn said as he attempted a question, chasing Warren down the entrance stairs.


The persistent — and, as TMZ notes, “much-younger” — reporter was eventually able to catch up with the 69-year-old senator after she stopped inside the station. According to one Warren aide, they were coming from The Late Show studios and had three minutes to catch the train back to D.C.

“We thought we were going to miss it,” the aide told Boston.com. “But when we got there and looked at the board it showed a 5 minute delay.”

“I thought I was going to be totally lost,” Warren told TMZ.

“You’re fast,” Glyn said.

“I am,” Warren replied. “I am.”

The White House hopeful credited the campaign trail for some of her energy.

“I’ve been to 12 states and Puerto Rico, and people are fired up and they’re reading for change,” she said. “And it’s energizing to be out here. You can feel it.”

Asked about the recently released summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings, Warren reiterated her belief that the full report should be made public. However, she noted that she got “zero” questions about the Mueller report from voters while campaigning in New Hampshire over the weekend.

“People want to know about the things that touch their lives every day,” she said. “They get it. There’s a problem; we need to see the report. But ultimately what 2020 is going to be about is is this government just going to keep working for the rich and powerful and not anybody else? Or are we actually going to take our democracy back?”


Following the interview, Warren again apologized to Glyn for “running off,” but light-heartedly needled his employer on Twitter later Monday night.

“Try and keep up,” she tweeted at TMZ.