City Council election recount is underway in Boston in contest separated by eight votes

Either Julia Mejia or Alejandra St. Guillen will take the fourth and final seat.

Recount workers were busy Saturday at Boston City Hall.
Recount workers were busy Saturday at Boston City Hall. –MATTHEW J. LEE/GLOBE STAFF/GLOBE STAFF

Just after 9 a.m. Saturday, officials began stacking sealed boxes of ballots from the November election on dollies and rolling them into the second-floor lobby of Boston City Hall, as dozens of workers took their positions at 20 tables.

Officials and volunteers then began the tedious process of recounting 66,000-plus ballots by hand, in piles of 50, to determine the winner of the council’s fourth, and final, at-large seat, after an initial tally showed one candidate winning by only eight votes.

“We’re going to do this ward by ward, precinct by precinct,’’ Lauren F. Goldberg, a city-hired consultant who is overseeing the effort, told the election workers. “If you can look at the ballot and reasonably determine who the voter voted for, that’s the will of the voter.’’

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