Elizabeth Warren’s new video introduces three fresh faces: Her brothers.

"I never lost an argument to her, in my opinion."

Elizabeth Warren's three brothers feature in a campaign video. Screenshot

Sen. Elizabeth Warren often mentions her three older brothers on the campaign trail.

“One is a Democrat,” she’ll say. “Do the math.”

However, despite their disagreements, the Massachusetts Democrat says her siblings — conservative-leaning military veterans who broadly agree with her about the need for Amazon to pay more taxes, improving the health care system, and bolstering Social Security — illustrate the common appeal of her populist plans.

For the first time, voters are getting to hear so directly from Warren’s brothers.

Sort of.

Warren’s presidential campaign released a video Thursday featuring her older three brothers: Don Reed Herring, 86, John Herring, 82, and David Herring, 78.


“I’m a registered Republican,” David Herring, wearing a striped University of Oklahoma sweater, says in the beginning of video. “I would vote for her, of course, because I know her. As a human being, none better — not one.”

The two-and-half-minute video shows Warren’s brothers — who still live in Oklahoma, where they grew up — gathering together, cracking a few beers, and going over old family photos with their presidential-candidate sister, who they refer to as Betsy.

While light on their policy agreements, the video does include Warren’s brothers testifying to her honesty and toughness. And as Warren has noted on the campaign trail, they don’t always agree.

“Betsy and I fought a lot,” David says. “We did — we argued and carried on, but that’s brother and sister. We did. I never lost an argument to her, in my opinion. And she never lost one to me, in her opinion.”

Campaigning in Iowa, Warren has often emphasized her hardscrabble Oklahoma upbringing over her career at Harvard as one of the nation’s leading bankruptcy law experts. But as The Boston Globe recently reported, none of her brothers have spoken to reporters since 2012.

“They just feel like this is not their world,” Warren told the Globe. “I’ve invited them to be more active in it, and none of the three of them wants that. They love me, and they care about me. But they recognize that — they don’t want to be part of it.”


One relative who has been part of her campaign is Warren’s nephew Mark Herring, who spoke at her rally last month in Oklahoma City and was the focus of a separate video released by the campaign Friday.

“I don’t just do this stuff — all this stuff — because she’s my aunt,’ Herring said in the video. “The whole world will be a better place with her being president.”

But also because she’s his “Aunt Betsy.”



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