A massive group of athletes, including Tom Brady and several Patriots, are voicing support for Ayanna Pressley’s qualified immunity bill

"We are tired of conversations around police accountability that go nowhere."

Terrence Brooks celebrates an interception last October with teammates Jason McCourty, Devin McCourty, and Joejuan Williams against the New York Jets. Matthew J. Lee / The Boston Globe

In the wake of the recent protests against police brutality, a massive group of sports figures — from Tom Brady to Steve Kerr to Giancarlo Stanton — are speaking out in support of legislation introduced by Reps. Ayanna Pressley and Justin Amash to reform legal protections for officers.

In a letter Wednesday, more than 1,400 current and former professional athletes, coaches, and front office personnel spanning the NFL, NBA, and MLB urged Congress to pass the bill, which would eliminate the legal doctrine known as qualified immunity, which shields police officers and other government officials from lawsuits except in the most clearly egregious cases. The effort was organized by the Players Coalition, which has worked with athletes to advocate for social justice and racial equality.


“We are tired of conversations around police accountability that go nowhere, and we have engaged in too many ‘listening sessions’ where we discuss whether there is a problem of police violence in this country,” the letter said. “There is a problem. The world witnessed it when Officer Chauvin murdered George Floyd, and the world is watching it now, as officers deploy enormous force on peaceful protestors like those who were standing outside of the White House last week. The time for debate about the unchecked authority of the police is over; it is now time for change.”

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The bill that Pressley, a Boston Democrat, introduced last week with Amash, a former Republican-turned-Libertarian congressman from Michigan, would amend part of a 1871 civil rights law, known as Section 1983, to effectively cancel recent Supreme Court precedents that established the qualified immunity doctrine.

The letter Wednesday highlighted several recent cases in which the protection exempted officers from liability for “shocking abuse.”

“Qualified immunity has shielded some of the worst law enforcement officials in America,” it read.

The 10-page list of signatories includes a number of sports figures who have spoke out about systemic racism and police brutality in the aftermath of Floyd’s death, including Kerr, the former NBA player and Golden State Warriors coach; San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich, and New England Patriots defensive backs Devin and Jason McCourty.


However, it also includes players like Brady, the former New England Patriots-turned-Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, who has largely tried to stay apolitical despite his friendly relationship with President Donald Trump. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who recently called for action to address racial injustice after facing criticism for his comments on peaceful protests, is also among the signatories.

In addition to the McCourty twins, the letter was also signed by several other members of the New England Patriots, including linebacker Dont’a Hightower, special teams captain Matthew Slater, quarterback Jarrett Stidham, defensive tackle Lawrence Guy, safety Terrence Brooks, cornerback Joejuan Williams, and director of player personnel Nick Caserio.

“Now is the time for accountability and a call to action,” Demario Davis, a linebacker for the New Orleans Saints and Players Coalition Task Force member, said in a statement. “This letter to Congress is the first step on policing we are taking on a national level. We hope this letter and the bill it represents will send a signal to Congress, and to the Supreme Court, that we need a better justice system in place.”

Pressley’s office said Wednesday that the bill now has 52 co-sponsors, including California Rep. Tom McClintock, the first Republican to sign on in support.


In a statement, the Massachusetts congresswoman said that her bill with Amash had received support from “a broad and diverse coalition of people including constituents, activists and policymakers,” including racial justice organizations like The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the ACLU of Massachusetts, and the National Urban League.

“We’ll continue fighting to end qualified immunity and push for true accountability,” Pressley said.

Read the full letter and list of signatories below:

Dear Members of the United States Congress:

We are more than 1,400 current and former professional athletes and coaches from across the National Football League, National Basketball Association, and Major League Baseball in America. We are tired of conversations around police accountability that go nowhere, and we have engaged in too many “listening sessions” where we discuss whether there is a problem of police violence in this country. There is a problem. The world witnessed it when Officer Chauvin murdered George Floyd, and the world is watching it now, as officers deploy enormous force on peaceful protestors like those who were standing outside of the White House last week. The time for debate about the unchecked authority of the police is over; it is now time for change.

We are writing to ask that you pass the bill to end qualified immunity introduced by Representatives Justin Amash and Ayanna Pressley. Congress passed the Ku Klux Klan Act in 1871 to give ordinary citizens recourse when powerful public officials violate constitutional rights. By passing that Act, codified in 42 U.S.C. 1983, Congress told its citizenry that no one is above the law, especially those who abuse government power. A healthy democracy requires no less; citizens must know that if those who promise to uphold the law and protect the community fail to do so, there is a remedy available. The law, as one author has noted, is “a bulwark of American liberty.”


The Supreme Court has caused irreparable harm to public trust by creating and then expanding the doctrine of qualified immunity, which often exempts police officers and others from liability, even for shocking abuse. Under that doctrine, first developed in 1967 and widened ever since, plaintiffs must show that government officials violated “clearly established” law to receive damages for harm. A plaintiff wins only if a prior Court found an official liable under a nearly identical fact-pattern. This standard is virtually impossible to meet, and the protections promised under section 1983 seem largely symbolic as a result.

Qualified immunity has shielded some of the worst law enforcement officials in America. The 8th Circuit applied it to an officer who wrapped a woman in a bear hug, slammed her to the ground, and broke her collarbone as she walked away from him. The 9th Circuit applied the doctrine to two officers who allegedly stole $225,000 while executing a search warrant. The Eleventh Circuit applied the doctrine to protect an officer who unintentionally shot a ten-year old while firing at the family dog (who, much like the child, posed no threat). The list of officers who suffered no consequences because of this doctrine could fill a law book.

It is time for Congress to eliminate qualified immunity, and it can do so by passing the Amash-Pressley bill. When police officers kill an unarmed man, when they beat a woman, or when they shoot a child, the people of this country must have a way to hold them accountable in a court of law. And officers must know that if they act in such a manner, there will be repercussions. A legal system that does not provide such a recourse is an illegitimate one. In their grief, people have taken to the streets because for too long, their government has failed to protect them. The Courts and elected officials alike have instead shielded people who caused unspeakable harm. Congress must not be complicit in these injustices, and it should take this important step to show that law enforcement abuse will not be tolerated.


Players Coalition members, current/former NFL, NBA, MLB players and coaches:

Ameer Abdullah
Matthew Adams
Rodney Adams
Klayton Adams
Sam Adams
Josh Adams
Quincy Adeboyejo
Jude Adjei-Barimah
McTelvin Agim
Chidi Ahanotu
Eric Alexander
Anthony Alford
Raul Allegre
Beau Allen
Ian Allen
Dakota Allen
Josh Allen
Ricardo Allen
Bennie Anderson
Charlie Anderson
Tim Anderson
David Andrews
Marty Anthony Lyons
Kenny Anunike
Chris Archer
Terron Armstead
Jessie Armstead
Arik Armstead
Amon Arnold
Dan Audick
Denico Autry
Brendon Ayanbadejo
Obafemi Ayanbadejo
Stevie Baggs Jr.
Robert Bailey
Kabeer Baja-Biamila
Brian Baker
Doug Baldwin
David Ball
Larry Ball
Carl Banks
Tony Banks
Ben Banogu
Shawn Barber
Luq Barcoo
Kenjon Barner
Erich Barnes
Ben Bartch
Essang Bassey
Daren Bates
Nick Bawden
Gary Baxter
Jarrod Baxter
Kelvin Beachum
Chris Beake
Tim Beckham
Odell Beckham Jr.
Greg Bell
Kurt Benkert
Bene Benwikere
Alex Bregman
Damien Berry
Justin Bethel
McLeod Bethel-Thompson
Eric Bieniemy
Adam Bighill
Andrew Billings
Joel Bitonio
Julian Blackmon
Ronald Blair
Matt Blanchard
Rodrigo Blankenship
Jeff Bleamer
Joe Bleymaier
Dennis Bligen
David Blough
CJ Board
Joe Bock
Kim Bokamper
Juran Bolden
Victor Bolden
Anquan Boldin
Ron Bolton
Rik Bonness
Jon Borchardt
Dave Borgonzi
A.J. Bouye
Dwayne Bowe
Tom Brady
Marcus Brady
Mark Brammer
Colin Branch
Marcelis Branch
Delvin Breaux
Drew Brees
Sam Brenner
Michael Brewster
Lamont Brightful
Dezmon Briscoe
Jacoby Brissett
Derrick Brooks
Chet Brooks
Ethan Brooks
Terrence Brooks
Trent Brown
Eric Brown
Milford Brown
Evan Brown
Chris Brown
Kris Brown
Donald Brown
Terell Brown
Travis Bruffy
Austin Bryant
DJ Bryant
Corbin Bryant
Armonty Bryant
DeForest Buckner
Daniel Bullocks
Jarrod Bunch
Ian Bunting
Oren Burks
Jason Burns
Jeff Burris
Derrick Burroughs
Noah Burroughs
Joe Burrow
Deante Burton
Jermon Bushrod
Vernon Butler
LeRoy Butler
Rashad Butler
Victor Butler
Demetrius Butler Sr.
Byron Buxton
Kevin Byard
Keith A. Byars
Israel Byrd
Erik C. McMillan
Shilique Calhoun
Chris Calloway
Greg Camarillo
Parris Campbell
Calais Campbell
Khary Campbell
Tommie Campbell
Sheldon Canley
AJ Cann
Stephen Carlson
Chris Carter
Ron’Dell Carter
Tony Carter
Gerald Carter
Jim Carter
Jamal Carter
Jurrell Casey
Jonathan Casillas
Jehuu Caulcrick
Dan Chamberlain
Chris Chambers
Kam Chancellor
Wes Chandler
Sean Chandler
Steve Christie
Bradley Chubb
Ryan Clady
Bruce Clark
Darion Clark
Will Clarke
Adrian Clayborn
Chris Claybrooks
Mark Clayton
Nate Clements
Tyrie Cleveland
Steve Clifford
Kameron Cline
Randall Cobb
Kendall Coleman
Andre Coleman
Henry Coley IV
Jedidiah Collins
Mark Collins
Jalen Collins
Marques Colston
Chuck Commiskey
Jack Conklin
Albert Connell
Dan Connor
Curtis Conway
Toi Cook
Logan Cooke
Brayden Coombs
Stephen Cooper
Chris Cooper
Amari Cooper
Russell Copeland
Doug Costin
Mark Cotney
Ted Cottrell
Nathan Cottrell
John Covington
Christian Covington
Dameyune Craig
James Crawford
Tre Crawford
JP Crawford
Jack Crawford
Joe Cribbs
Chuck Crist
Marcus Cromartie
JC Cross
AJ Cruz
Lloyd Cushenberry III
Jonathan Cyprien
Carl D. Howard Jr.
Brendan Daly
Eugene Daniel
Owen Daniels
Joe Danna
Matt Darby
Najeh Davenport
Tae Davis
Demario Davis
Carlton Davis
Todd Davis
Tyrone Davis
Eric Davis
Billy Davis
Oliver Davis
Travis Davis
Davion Davis
John Davis
Sammy Davis
Tony Davis
Tyler Davis
Akeem Davis
Ryan Davis Sr.
Dion Dawkins
Lawrence Dawsey
Keyunta Dawson
Sheldon Day
Fred Dean
Joe DeCamillis
Travis Demeritte
Anthony Denman
Delino DeShields Jr.
Pierre Desir
Ian Desmond
Toderick Devoe
Korey Diede-Jones
Na’il Diggs
AJ Dillon
Josh Dobbs
Andrew Donnal
Kevin Dotson
Jamil Douglas
Marcus Dowdell
Jack Doyle
Tyronne Drakeford
Pete Draovitch
Troy Drayton
Davon Drew
Jack Driscoll
Clifton Duck
Rickey Dudley
Bill Duff
Bobby Duhon
Ashton Dulin
Michael Dumas
JoLonn Dunbar
Jamie Duncan
Keldrick Dunn
Justin Dunn
Keith Dunn
Jon Duplantier
Tim Dwight
Jeffrey E Faulkner
Michael Early
Jacob Eason
Matt Eberflus
Samson Ebukam
Dwan Edwards
David Edwards
Emeke Egbule
Jake Eldrenkamp
Bruce Elia
Keith Elias
Ben Ellefson
Emmanuel Ellerbee
Porter Ellett
Jake Elliot
Greg Ellis
Justin Ellis
Elbert Ellis
Percy Ellsworth
Jermaine Eluemunor
Jon Embree
Larry English
Zach Ertz
Jordan Evans
Demetric Evans
Nate Evans
Darrynton Evans
Harry F. Sydney III
Zane Fakes
Vic Fangio
Wes Farnsworth
James Farrior
Jeffrey Faulkner
Marlon Favorite
Tavien Feaster
Nick Ferguson
Prince Fielder
Yamon Figurs
John Fina
Dave Fiore
Tony Fisher
Jack Flaherty
Timothy Flanders
Brian Fleury
Drayton Florence
Christopher Foerster
Drew Forbes
Bernard Ford
Daurice Fountain
Melvin Fowler
Dexter Fowler
Vernon Fox
Eric Frampton
Zaire Franklin
Byron Franklin
Parks Frazier
Mike Frazier
Kavon Frazier
Dwight Freeney
Eddie Fuller
Jedidiah G Collins
Christian Gaddis
Russell Gage
Russell Gage
William Gaines
EJ Gaines
Joel Gamble
Jonathan Gannon
Malik Gant
Kenneth Gant
Mark Garalczyk
Jim Garcia
Dr. Leonard Garrett
Myles Garrett
Amir Garrett
Rashan Gary
Percell Gaskins
Jordan Gay
Shaun Gayle
Tony George
Nathan Gerry
Antonio Gibson
Tony Gilbert
Joe Giles-Harris
Nate Gilliam
Reginald Gipson
Jordan Glasgow
Graham Glasgow
La’Roi Glover
Terry Godwin
Keith Goganious
Nick Goings
Tony Gonzalez
Julian Good-Jones
Donald Goode
Niko Goodrum
Marquise Goodwin
CJ Goodwin
Melvin Gordon
Dee Gordon
Melvin Gordon
Colby Gossett
Jermaine Grace
Earnest Graham
Devin Gray
Chaz Green
Farrod Green
Gerri Green
Ahman Green
Willie Green
Ethan Greenidge
Jabari Greer
Steve Gregory
Nick Greisen
Michael Griffin
Otis Grigsby
Jordan Gross
Tori Gurley
Lawrence Guy
Myron Guyton
Jalen Guyton
Tony Gwynn Jr.
John Hagg
Dennis Haley
Grant Haley
Bryan Hall
PJ Hall
Adrian Hamilton
Davon Hamilton
Antonio Hamilton
Jakar Hamilton
Josh Hammond
William Hampton
Justin Hardy
Sean Harlow
Wade Harman
Duron Harmon
Roman Harper
Tobias Harris
DeMichael Harris
Erik Harris
Chris Harris
Deonte Harris
Jonathan Harris
Josh Harrison
John Harty
Willie Harvey
Willie Harvey Jr.
Sam Havrilak
DJ Hayden
Ke’bryan Hayes
Alex Haynes
Johnny L. Hector
Gene Heeter
Johnny Hekker
Thomas Henderson
Othello Henderson
Amari Henderson
Malik Henry
Mario Henry
Mo Henry
Drew Henson
Tre Herndon III
Reggie Herring
Mark Herzlich
Jason Heyward
Clifford Hicks
Jordan Hicks
Mike Hiestand
Rashard Higgins
Dont’a Hightower
Richard Hightower
Rajon Hill
Anthony Hill
Efrem Hill
Brian Hill
Dontrell Hilliard
Ronnie Hillman
TY Hilton
Brandon Hitner
Liffort Hobley
Alijah Holder
Johnny Holland
Justin Hollins
Torry Holt
Robert Holt
Rolland Hooks
Austin Hooper
Bob Horn
Bobby Howard
Rich Howell
Brian Hoyer
Chris Hubbard
Orlando Hudson
Tyrone Hughes
John Hughes
Dante Hughes
Daymeion Hughes
Charley Hughlett
Akeem Hunt
Tony Hunter
Earnest Hunter
Wayne Hunter
Allen Hurns
Jalen Hurts
Von Hutchins
Sidney Hy Abramowitz
Duke Ihenacho
Ken Irvin
Kemal Ishmael
Corey Ivy
Steven Jackson
Darius Jackson
Honor Jackson
Maurice Jackson
Ray Jackson
Malik Jackson
Austin Jackson
Leon Jacobs
Kendyl Jacox
Ja’Wuan James
Jeno James
Quentin Jammer
Mike Jasper
Jim Jeffcoat
Malik Jefferson
Roy Jefferson
Willie Jefferson
Jegs Jegede
Malcolm Jenkins
Ronney Jenkins
Jarvis Jenkins
Rashad Jennings
Jim Jensen
Josey Jewell
William Joe Jackson
Marcus Johnson
Fulton Johnson
Travis Johnson
Joe Johnson
Jesse Johnson
Collin Johnson
A.J. Johnson
Sherman Johnson
Isaiah Johnson
Will Johnson
Nico Johnson
Cameron Johnston
Sidney Jones
Dominique Jones
Robbie Jones
Garrick Jones
Donald Jones
Brian Jones
Charlie Jones
Abry Jones
Charles Jones
Joe Jones
Deion Jones
JT Jones
Bennie Joppru
Cameron Jordan
James Jordan
Karl Joseph
Sebastian Joseph-Day
Yonel Jourdain
Cato June
Luke Juriga
Kyle Juszczyk
Ryan K. Russell
Kevin Kaesviharn
Mike Kafka
John Kaiser
ND Kalu
Alvin Kamara
Jevon Kearse
Frank Kearse
Khaylan Kearse-Thomas
Case Keenum
Keone Kela
Joshua Kelley
Jim Kelly
Matt Kemp
Derek Kennard
Tom Kennedy
Shiloh Keo
Rex Kern
Steve Kerr
Tyrone Keys
Edward King
Jason King
Akeem King
Terry Kirby
Christian Kirksey
George Kittle
Sammy Knight
Kris Kocurek
Bill Kollar
Steve Korte
Chris Kuper
Matt LaCosse
Anthony Lamando
Josh Lambo
Kendall Lamm
Jake Lampman
Loren Landow
Jarvis Landry
Eric Lane
Cedrick Lang
Jesse Langvardt
Matt Lawrence
Nate Lawrie
Emanuel Lawson
Vonta Leach
Kari Lee
James Lee
Cleo Lemon
Laveranues Leon Coles Jr.
Darius Leonard
Fred Lester
Jerry Levias
DeAndre Levy
Tyquan Lewis
Thomas Lewis
Jermaine Lewis
Jeremy Lincoln
Adam Linger
Chris Long
David Long
Shed Long
Jammal Lord
Clarence Love
Jordan Lucas
Cornelius Lucus
Sean Lumpkin
Cameron Lynch
Aaron Lynch
Marlon Mack
Jordan Mack
Mark Maddox
Sam Madison
Mike Mallory
Doug Marrone
Leonard Marshall
Koda Martin
Jason Martin
Chris Martin
Gabe Martin
Eric Martin Jr.
Glenn Martinez
Robert Mathis
Ross Matiscik
Chris Matthews
Alexander Mattison
Brett Maxie
Marcus Maxwell
Ray May
Cameron Maybin
Baker Mayfield
Corey Mays
Joey Mbu Jr.
Ben McAdoo
Deuce McAllister
Keenan McCardell
Reggie McClain
Devin McCourty
Jason McCourty
Josh McCown
Lerentee McCray
Marlon McCree
Andrew McCutchen
Randall McDaniel
KC McDermott
Tyler McDonald
O.J. McDuffie
Leon McFadden
Kimario McFadden
Booger McFarland
Tony McGee
Kevin McGill
Michael McGruder
Guy McIntyre
Doug McKenney
Benardrick McKinney
James McKnight
Rodney McLeod
Tom McMahon
Brandon McManus
Erik McMillan
Mark McMillan
Sean McNanie
Tony McRae
Montrel Meander
Dave Merritt
Jason Michael
Arthur Michalik
Doug Middleton
Jamir Miller
Billy Miller
Rolan Milligan
Eugene Milton
Jonathan Mincey
Gardner Minshew
Terrance Mitchell
Stump Mitchell
Earl Mitchell
Arthur Moats
Curtis Modkins
Ty Montgomery
DJ Montgomery
Kenny Moore
Skai Moore
DJ Moore
Lance Moore
Nat Moore
Jordan Moore
Marlon Moore
Emery Moorehead
Patrick Morris
Michael Morton
Raheem Mostert
Jamie Mueller
Al-Quadin Muhammad
Muhsin Muhammad
Bill Munson
Louis Murphy Jr.
Chris Myers
Picasso Nelson
Quenton Nelson
Corey Nelson
Shane Nelson
Steven Nelson
Ty Neske
Ryan Neufeld
Anthony Newman
Tyler Newsome
Nathaniel Newton Jr.
Parry Nickerson
Steven Nielsen
Roosevelt Nix
Jeff Nixon
David Njoku
Derrick Nnadi
Josh Norman
Moran Norris
Storm Norton
Carter O’Donnell
Cornelius O’Donoghue
Anthony Oakley
Stephen Odom
George Odum
Marques Ogden
Larry Ogunjobi
Michael Ojemudia
Alex Okafor
Bobby Okereke
Ogbonnia Okoronkwo
Deji Olatoye
Josh Oliver
Louis Oliver
Donovan Olumba
Glendora Stephans-Wright on
behalf of Gordon Arnold Wright
Kenny Onatolu
Joseph Orduna
Raheem Orr Sr.
Matt Orzech
Jerry Ostroski
James Owens
Devine Ozigbo
John Pagano
Ervin Parker
Glenn Parker
J’Vonne Parker
Riddick Parker
J’Vonne Parker
Ron Parker
Zach Pascal
Dezmon Patmon
Tim Patrick
Javon Patterson
Shea Patterson
Mark Pattison
Spencer Paysinger
Brashad Peerman
Mike Pennel Jr.
Donovan Peoples-Jones
Breshad Perriman
Corey Peters
Tyrell Peters
Adrian Peterson
Patrick Peterson
Drew Petzing
Adrian Phillips
Shaun Phillips
Danny Pinter
Trey Pipkins
Michael Pittman
Lafayette Pitts
Chester Pitts
Anthony Pleasant
Austen Pleasants
Shawn Poindexter
Bill Polian
DaShon Polk
Marcus Pollard
Ryan Pope
Gregg Popovich
Jackson Porter
Daryl Porter
John Potter
Jerrell Powe
Dak Prescott
Peerless Price
Eric Price
Brian Price
Sheldon Price
Malcolm Pridgeon
Pierson Prioleau
Ricky Proehl
Mike Purcell
Anthony Q. Newman
Patrick Queen
Glover Quin
Randy R. Beverly, Sr.
Eason Ramson
John Randle
Thomas Randolph
Kenyon Rasheed
Keith Reaser
CJ Reavis
Jason Rebrovich
Silas Redd
Cory Redding
JJ Redick
Sheldrick Redwine
Travis Reed
JR Reed
Malik Reed
Ed Reed
Brooks Reed
Frank Reich
Chris Reis
Tutan Reyes
Ed Reynolds
Ricky Reynolds
LaRoy Reynolds
Luke Rhodes
Alan Ricard
Ray Rice
Quentin Richardson
Wally Richardson
Jeffrey Richardson Sr.
Elston Ridgle
Charles L. Riggins
Victor Riley
Elijah Riley
Bill Ring
Derek Rivers
Derick Roberson
Cordell Roberson
Walter Robert Briggs
Craig Robertson
Rob Robertson
Eugene Robinson
Mark Robinson
Matt Robinson
James Robinson
Isaiah Rodgers
Jake Rogers
Charles Romes
Carlos Rosado
Marvelle Ross
Tyson Ross
Lee Rouson
Dontavius Russell
KeiVarae Russell
Mike Rutenberg
Donald Rutledge
Sean Ryan
Demeco Ryans
CC Sabathia
Nate Salley
Rigo Sanchez
Lonnie Sanders
Lucius Sanford
Rick Sanford
Mohamed Sanu
Ricky Sapp
Eric Saubert
Cedric Saunders
Joe Schobert
Dalton Schoen
Josh Schuler
Tony Scott
Josiah Scott
Trent Scott
Boston Scott
Chris Scott
George Selvie Jr.
Andrew Sendejo
Jordan Senn
Wasswa Serwanga
Isaac Seumalo
Scott Shanle
Rickie Shaw
Justice Sheffield
Derrick Shelby
Jeremy Shockey
Brandon Short
Cecil Shorts III
Kurt Shultz
Ricky Siglar
Brandon Siler
Mark Simmons
Justin Simmons
Jalen Simmons
Ryan Sims
Keith Sims
Alshermond Singleton
Nick Sirianni
Matthew Slater
Connor Slomka
Greg Slough
Bobby Slowik
Scott Slutzker
Torrey Smith
Rod Smith
Emmitt Smith
Braden Smith
Bruce Smith
Derek Smith
Keith Smith
Shaun Smith
Alex Smith
Evan Smith
Wade Smith
Kahani Smith
Cedric Smith
Dwight Smith
Ito Smith
Keith Smith
Will Smith
Sherman Smith
Reginald Smith II
Reginald L. Smith II
Steve Smith Sr.
Ray Snell
Katie Sowers
Denard Span
Tony Sparano
EJ Speed
Akeem Spence
Noah Spence
Charles Spencer
Takeo Spikes
Greg Spires
Erik Spolestra
John St. Clair
Dave Stalls
Donté Stallworth
Josh Stamer
Johnny Stanton
Giancarlo Stanton
Kevin Stefanski
Jan Stenerud
Simon Stepaniak
Dominique Stevenson
Grover Stewart
Jonathan Stewart
Christian Stewart
Jarrett Stidham
Otto Stowe
Chris Strausser
Derek Strozier
Dwayne Stukes
Shafer Suggs
Pat Surtain
Harry Swayne
Harry Sydney III
Quinn Sypniewski
Dave Szott
Roger T Duffy
Steve Tannen
Jaquiski Tartt
Steve Tasker
Jonathan Taylor
Billy Taylor
Fred Taylor
Chris Taylor
Jawann Taylor
Davion Taylor
Patrick Taylor
Jamar Taylor
Quinton Teal
Marvell Tell
Wyatt Teller
Patrick Terrell
Keith Thibodeaux
Marcus Thigpen
Thurman Thomas
Adalius Thomas
Blair Thomas
Hollis Thomas
Tavierre Thomas
Joshua Thomas
Shaq Thompson
Chris Thompson
Billy Thompson
Chris Thompson
Lewis Tillman
Spencer Tillman
Jim Tolbert
LaDainian Tomlinson
Cole Toner
Casey Toohill
Amani Toomer
Charles Torwudzo Jr.
Touki Toussiant
Jeremy Towns
Rodney Trafford
Lynden Trail
Drue Tranquill
JC Tretter
Justin Tuck
Baigeh Tucker
Casey Tucker
Cole Tucker
Jacob Tuioti-Mariner
Fenuki Tupou
Kemoko Turay
Nate Turner
Derrek Tuszka
Courtney Upshaw
Stan Van Gundy
Phillip Vaughn Wise
Raymond “Bubba” Ventrone
Shane Vereen
Oliver Vernon
Jason Verrett
Lawrence Vickers
Jonathan Vilma
Troy Vincent Sr.
Andrew Vollert
Travis Vornkahl
Delanie Walker
Anthony Walker
Jeff Walker
Kenyatta Walker
Michael Walker
Tracy Walker
Al Wallace
Todd Walsh
Tim Walton
Denzel Ward
DeMarcus Ware
George Warhop
Kurt Warner
Damon Washington
Tony Washington
Todd Washington
Benjamin Watson
Brandon Watson
Josh Watson
Armani Watts
Trae Waynes
Fred Weary
Anthony Weaver
Jed Weaver
William Webb Jr.
Jason Webster
Jemile Weeks
Brandon Wellington
Dean Wells
Carson Wentz
Jeff Weston
Ja’Whaun Bentley
Phillip Wheeler
James White
Roddy White
Adrian White
James White
Aaron Whitecotton
Marcellus Wiley
David Wilkins II
Jim Wilks
Joejuan Williams
Chad Williams
Chris Williams
Aeneas Williams
Quincy Williams
Quinnen Williams
Shaun Williams
Calvin Williams
Lawrence Williams
Kevin Williams
Kobe Williams
Jordan Williams
Xavier Williams
Daryl Williams Jr.
Wally Williams Jr.
Mike Willie
Nathaniel Willingham
Khari Willis
Jedrick Wills Jr.
George Wilson
CJ Wilson
Charles Wilson
Josh Wilson
Damien Wilson
James Wilson
Jamaine Winborne
Robert Windsor
Andrew Wingard
Ronnie Wingo
Chase Winovich
Blaise Winter
Mitchell Wishnowsky
Will Witherspoon
Will Wolford
Nathan Wonsley
Shawn Wooden
Al Woods
Robert Woods
Wesley Woodyard
Blidi Wreh-Wilson
Kenyatta Wright
Rodney Wright
Willie Wright
Brandon Wright
Tay Wright
Ellis Wyms
Isaiah Wynn
Milton Wynn
Rock Ya-Sin
James Yarbrough
Kenny Young
Usama Young
Trevor Young
Eric Young Jr.
Olamide Zaccheaus
David Zawatson
Raymond Zeller
Justin Zimmer
Jeremy Zuttah


In addition to the players and coaches, the following front office personnel and general managers have lent their support:

David A. Jenkins
Edward Aaron Perez
Christopher Acosta
Armond Aghanian
Robert Akinsanmi
David Akosim
Kelly Allen
Kahlil Allen
Leo Amos
Renie Anderson
Monique Anderson
Justin Anderson
Brock Anderson
Paul Andraos
Patrick Arthur
Nana-Yaw Asamoah
Chad Austin Jessop
Adrian Bailey
Chanelle Balfour
Chris Ballard
Lauren Bartomioli
Megan Bell
Nancy Bernstein
Andrew Berry
Lindsey Bethel
Heather Birdsall
Nicole Blake
Michael Blanchard
Dylan Bohanan
Steve Bohlson
Max Boigon
Allison Bojarski
Chloe Booher
Kevin Boothe
Stephen Bowen
Dustin Bowlin
Emma Bradford
Courtland Bragg
Alyse Brehm
Ron Brewer
Ethan Brodsky
Morocco Brown
Jade Burroughs
Joey Buskirk
Zach Byrne
Colton Cadarette
Lindsay Caine
Geneva Camacho
Lucas Cambra
Kaycee Canlas
Eddie Capobianco
Corey Casado
Nick Caserio
Dick Cass
Concetta Cavaleri
Gerardo Chapa
Jonathan Charles
Taylor Chavez
Hedy Chen
Mitch Chester
Kimberly Chexnayder
Hsu-Wei Chow
Louis Clark
Katherine Conklin
Daksha Cordova
Felipe Corral
Omar Coss Y Leon
Keith Cossrow
Kara Costa
Anthony Coughlan
Patrick Crawley
Matt Cummings
AJ Curry
Issiah Davis
Brian Decker
Alison DeGroot
Brittany Deise
Mike Derice
Amber Derrow
Keith Dobkowski
Anne Doepner
Gabrielle Doheny
Jordan Dolbin
William Dorrance
Anne Duffy
Deandra Duggans
Alex Duplessis
Philip Eident
Regis Eller
Joey Elliott
Rich Elmore
Hayley Elwood
Cameron Etheredge
Nicole Ewell
Amy Falkow
Hannah Farr
Carly Fasciglione
David Feldman
Eric Finkelstein
Gerverus Flagg
Matthew Forzese
McKenzie Fox
Lisa Friel
Zachary Galia
Robert Gallo
Belynda Gardner
Alex Gaskin
Logan Gerber
Amy Ghanbari
Cyrus Ghavi
Colleen Gilmartin
Richard Gitahi
Isaac Gittens
Tyler Glassman
Scott Goldman
Reaganne Goode
Colton Gordon
Jon Gottlieb
Ally Greifinger
Shannon Gross
Amanda Guerriero
Lucretia Hallowell
Christopher Halpin
Jamie Han
Goldwyn Harper
Keenan Harrell
Sydney Harris
Chase Hartman
Mo Henry
Joanne Hernandez
Glen Herold
Candace Hickson
Henry Hodgson
Natara Holloway
Christina Hovestadt
Andrew Hoyle
Serena Huang
James Hubbard
Venessa Hutchinson
Stephanie Hwu
Kathleen Ikpi
Elizabeth Iniguez
Anthony Isetta
David Issiah
Arthur J. McAfee III
Boyd Jackson
Taylor James
Jacob Janower
Mike Jasinski
Maurice Jennings
Malik Jiffry
Janiece Jiminez
Peter John-Baptiste
Stephanie Johnson
JW Johnson
Matthew Joye
Tyler Judkins
Megan Julian
Ina Jung
Alix Kane
Hank Kauffman
Catherine Keenan
Liza Kellerman
Courtney Kelley
Kevin Kelly
Danielle Kennedy
Cassandra Kicak
Christine Kim
Nicole King
Emily Kinman
Kacey Knauf
Rachel Kohn
Scott Koppenhaver
Samantha Kordelski
Cara Kuei
Thomas Kurniady
Mike LaBianca
Jamaal LaFrance
Shirley Lalicker
Shannon Lane
Cady Langdon
Matt Lathrop
Jason Lavine
Patrick Lee
Damani Leech
Laura Lefton
Emily Leitner
Craig Lepire
George Li
Ben Liebenberg
Alissa Lieppman
Erin Littrell
David Lomeli
Lisa Loomis
Joseph Lovallo
Joe Lovallo
Michael Lujan
Brooklyn M. McDaniels
Fred Maas
Wayne Mackie
Wyndam Makowsky
Laura Malfy
Jon Marc Carrier
Dylan Marchionda
Dylan Marcionda
Josephine Martinez
Josephine Martínez
Jesse May
Michelle McKenna
Justen Medina
Marissa Melnick
Sana Merchant
Emily Michka
Allison Miner
Charlotte Minetti
Bryndon Minter
Douglas Mishkin
Mark Mitchell
Damon Mitchell
Anisha Mooradian
Jamie Moore
Jordan Morse
Brandon Murphy
Ryan Murphy
Jessica Murphy
Jaynie Murrell
Gabe Myers
Jacklyn N. Bove
Heather Nanberg
Gregory Nelson
Margaret Nelson
Gina Newell
Nam Nguyen
Rhett Nichols
Jarrett Nobles
Drew Norton
Georgia Nze
Denny O’Leary
Peter O’Reilly
Scott O’Malley
James Onumonu
Stephen P. Richer
Dennis Padua
Tasso Panopoulos
Nikki Patel
Aubrey Peacock
Marcos Perez
Andre Perez
Liliana Perez
Marcos Pérez
Les Pico
Kelsey Pietrangelo
Lindsay Pinckney
Tyler Pino
Bob Quinn
Brian Raab
Joshua Rabenovets
Ashton Ramsburg
Sam Rapoport
Carmella Re-Sugiura
Matt Reamer
Amanda Remy
Ghazzal Rezvan
Yolanda Rivera
Tracie Rodburg
Jennifer Rojas
Isabelle Roy
Sam Rubinroit
Josh Rupprecht
Sean Ryan
Annely Salgado
Melissa Schiller
Sarah Schmidt
Josh Schuler
Grace Senko
Matthew Shapiro.
Nick Shook
Shakish Simon
Russell Simon
Dajah Siplin
Carly Slivinski
Alexandra Smoczkiewicz
Jason Spanos
Donna Steele
Taylor Stern
Samantha Strejeck
Staci Strickland
James T. Collins Jr.
Sean Tabler
Mark Tamar
Allison Taylor
Jenner Tekancic
Kloi Terzian
Jordan Thomas
Dylan Thompson
Aja Thorpe
Nick Toney
Jamil Toure
Gina Tran
Kenlyn Tyree
Ted Tywang
Cory Undlin
Darren Urban
Victoria Valencia
Marcus van der Hoek
Kristen Vasquez
Christine Vicari
Allison Villafañe
Kelly Viseltear
David Wagner
Jarick Walker
Tanner Walters
Aubrey Walton
Cheyanne Warren-Diaz
Kirsten Watson
Ruth Wels
Devin White
Kiara Wilcox
Mollie Wilkie
Valeria Williams
Astasia Williams
Michael Woo
Rod Wood
Timothy Yoon
Darrel Young
Yasmin Youssef
Peyton Zeigler
Lucy Zhang
Marco Zucconi



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