Election Night is almost here. Here’s how Boston.com readers plan to spend the evening.

One reader's night will be dedicated to "drinking straight whiskey."

Some readers are choosing to binge watch shows on Netflix on Election Night. AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File

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When we asked Boston.com readers how they saw themselves spending Election Night on Tuesday, the answers were as polarizing as our country’s political beliefs.

Some will spend the evening glued to the TV, despite the possibility that a definitive result may not be reached by the end of Tuesday. Others are ignoring election coverage completely, choosing instead to go to bed early or binge watch shows on Netflix. Many survey respondents are going to drink — a lot.

If none of these options sound like something you might want to do, consider the response of yet another Boston.com reader: “Busily rowing to Iceland,” they wrote.


That sounds nice.

Responses have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

Plenty of readers said they will be tuning in to election coverage for the night.

“I’m planning on watching the news intently. Should Trump claim victory before all the ballots are counted, or should he encourage his supporters to intimidate people at the polls, my mutual aid group and I will have a general strike and protests ready to respond with direct action. We can’t allow the violent takeover of our government by a fascist cult of personality of right-wing militias. We’ve seen how police departments have been infiltrated by those groups, and it’s clear they no longer protect the people. Election Night could end up being just the beginning of violence, unfortunately, and it’s up to communities to organize defense against right-wing militias in lieu of the police.” —Anonymous


“I plan to watch the results at home and ride the red tsunami across America! TRUMP/PENCE 2020.” —Steve Maloney

“Watch the slow fall of the Dumpster.” —Bruce

“I probably won’t be able to sleep at all, so I will sit in front of the TV all night with a glass of wine.” —Caroline

“I will be spending election night at home glued to my TV.” —Cheryl Enright

“Staying safe! All my family has voted early to avoid a possible mess on Tuesday!! I will watch the result come in and pray for the best!!” —Alice

“Probably ordering takeout; staying home and glued to CNN. We will stay up as late as we can.” —Maze


“Picture me in front of the TV squeezing a tennis ball in each hand, a Civil War-era musket ball wedged between my teeth, and white Zinfandel wine being pumped into my veins via IV. Me? Worry?” —Steven Wisensale

Some readers are choosing to spend the night with friends and family.

“Having a few friends over for [an] outside celebration on my porch. Beer, wine, masks, social distanced with fire pit??” —Anonymous

“Watch [party] at home. We have a projector and we’ll project it to the wall, have food and drinks. Go Biden!” —Ximena Sula

“On Election Night I am getting together with my best friend, who at this point is my only friend with whom I maintain regular contact, since two other friends of 25+ years stopped communicating with me due to political differences (their far-left political views wouldn’t permit them to be ‘tolerant’ of my conservative perspective). My friend and I plan to watch a marathon of election and voting-themed, episodic television series’ (mostly situation comedies).” —Jim M.

For many, drinking will be involved.

“Drinking straight whiskey.” —Jed Dineen


“Have a few drinks and go to bed at 11 p.m.” —Richard

“Not watching returns…still traumatized from 2016. But [will] have champagne chilling, just in case we have the big blue wave?” —Mrs. S

“Drinking. Heavily.” —Ally

“To get me through the week I have been stocking up on tranquilizers, booze, and streaming channels so I can watch funny movies. If he wins, I’m going under general anesthesia.” —Cathy

Others are planning to ignore Tuesday’s election coverage altogether.

“I am going to read a good book and go to bed early. Especially with counting the mail-in vote, this won’t be done by 8 p.m. I have voted, so I have done what I can to affect the outcome.” —C. E. Patton


“Doing my best to ignore the election coverage. I can’t stand the suspense and hyperbole. Did the same in 2016 and woke up the the most wonderful surprise.” —J. Krause

“Meeting friends for drinks to stay away from the TV for a while.” —Sam

“I don’t think I will pay too much attention to election night. This year, unlike others, will be different. I want to [hear] the results and how people fared at the poles, but I’ll wait till Wednesday. I doubt that they’ll be able to have all the votes counted, unless we have smart people at the poles who take a count every day. …They should have a fair idea by the end of the week.” —Patricia T.


“Vote and ignore the pundits until Wednesday morning.” —Anonymous

“Binging on Netflix, and praying that Americans really can’t be fooled all of the time! Or even again…” —Anabel Graetz

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