Nick Vance

"I am a passionate resident of Boston who truly cares about the city I grew up in."

Nick Vance

Nick Vance, 30, is running for an at-large City Council seat and previously worked as a recruiter for the Encore Boston Harbor casino in Everett. Vance received a degree in Political Science from South Carolina State University, before attending school in Boston at the Northeastern School of Law. There, he graduated with a master’s in legal studies and also finished his doctorate degree in law and policy. Vance is married with a daughter and currently lives in Hyde Park.

Why are you running for at-large city councilor?

I am running to be an At-Large City Councilor because our City is at a major crossroad. We have major issues around affordable housing, Boston Public Schools and the methadone crisis. Many people are being forced out of the city they love and have been waiting for services. I care about the city that I grew up in and love. I want to be a leader that gets things done and listens to the community and finds real solutions. If we are not careful we will become a city of the haves and have nots with a dwindling middle class and most young families having no choice but to move out of the city because they are priced out of the city.


There are 17 candidates for at-large city councilor. What accomplishments and proposals do you think make you stand out from the others? Please be specific.

I have a proven track record of being a man of my word and getting things done. I have worked on key issues around vaccines and have worked with Age Strong and other groups and ensured thousands of elders were able to get vaccinated in the beginning of the vaccine rollout. I have led key programs around getting youth off the streets during my time at the Boys and Girls Club and at City Year. I have created workforce development pipeline programs that have led to the hiring of thousands of employees that are in low-income communities and had a focus on getting more women in leadership roles that had equal pay to their male counterparts. I also have led conversations while working for Marty Walsh SPARK committee on affordable housing and I currently serve as a Governor Baker appointee on the Juvenile Justice Advisory Committee for the Commonwealth.

What would be your top three objectives during your term as city councilor?

My top three objectives as a city councilor would be affordable housing, Methadone Crisis and Workforce Development. Affordable housing needs to be revamped and actually represent the needs of the city. We also need to build more affordable housing to meet the demand in this city. I also will push to have more affordable units that are larger than two bedrooms so people can grow their families. The Methadone crisis is the challenge of our time in Boston. We have too many people suffering from addiction and we need to ensure that there are more resources and rehab facilities created. Far too many people are finding used needles throughout the city. The City of Boston is seeing some of the largest unemployment numbers due to the pandemic. I will use my background to find new training that is connected to jobs and I will create a commission who will oversee fair hiring and training processes.


What is one thing you want the City of Boston to know about you?

I am a passionate resident of Boston who truly cares about the city I grew up in. I want to be a person you can call and get real answers and help. I have the experience and the drive to do what’s right by our communities and take the time to listen to residents’ concerns. I truly believe Boston’s best days lay ahead!

What is your typical Dunkin’ order?

Bagel Bites with Lemon Tea.

Visit Nick Vance at his website, Facebook and Twitter.

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