Elizabeth Warren: Democrats can win midterms if they do this

“Time is running short,” Warren said in a recent piece for the The New York Times.

Tom Williams
Tom Williams

Democrats could be headed for major losses during the midterm elections this November, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren is proposing steps for her party to avoid that outcome.

In a recent op-ed for The New York Times, Warren noted that the reason Democrats could be in trouble is that the party has not moved forward on enough of its agenda.

“Time is running short,” she said. “We need to finalize a budget reconciliation deal, making giant corporations pay their share to fund vital investments in combating climate change and lowering costs for families, which can advance with only 50 Senate votes.”


Warren said that ridding the government of corruption is a top issue for citizens and needs to be addressed. She also wrote that the costs of things need to be reined in for middle-class residents, regardless of if it is because of the war in Ukraine or due to large corporations jacking up prices.

The Massachusetts Democrat also pushed for enforcing antitrust laws to promote competition. Those steps should include ensuring that oil and gas companies don’t take in large amounts of money during the energy crisis, she wrote.

“Only in Washington, where America’s biggest companies spend billions to drown out reality, are these controversial ideas,” Warren said. “Across America, these are popular plans.”

The senator also pushed for higher taxes on billionaires, as well as on large companies taking in high profits but not paying very much, if anything, in federal income taxes.

“That’s a big legislative agenda, but it isn’t big enough,” she said.

Read Warren’s full op-ed at the Times.


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