Braintree officials report TikTok-inspired ‘Slap a Teacher’ incident at middle school

"We will not tolerate any mistreatment of these conscientious professionals."

Braintree Public Schools reported their first case related to the 'Slap a Teacher' challenge on Thursday. Kiichiro Sato / AP, File

A Braintree student assaulted a teacher as part of a TikTok challenge, according to a statement sent by Braintree Public Schools on Thursday.


“As we return from the pandemic, our teachers are focused on promoting learning and ensuring the well-being of all of our students,” school officials wrote. “We will not tolerate any mistreatment of these conscientious professionals.”

WBZ reported that the incident occurred on Wednesday at East Middle School in Braintree.

The “Slap a Teacher” challenge on TikTok encourages students to record themselves hitting a teacher and uploading footage to the app. Recently, Haverhill Public Schools warned educators about the challenge, which is scheduled to run throughout October.


Braintree officials warned that any student who physically assaults any staff member may be expelled. They also noted police will be notified and that legal charges may be filed, including indecent assault & battery.

Previously, a “devious licks” challenge on TikTok encouraged students to steal or vandalize school items such as removing soap dispensers or clogging toilets.

Braintree officials did not identify the offending student or disclose whether the student is facing charges at this time. Authorities are now encouraging parents to talk to their children about the serious consequences that could come from participating in these challenges.

“Although social media offers the potential of a more inter-connected world, the frequent appeal to abhorrent behaviors and debased language across these various platforms are a minefield for students,” Braintree Public Schools wrote. “When they fail to navigate the situation appropriately, students often face severe consequences, both social and legal.”


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