Discriminatory graffiti found inside gender neutral bathroom at Arlington High School

Arlington Police and the town's Human Rights Commission are investigating the act.

Arlington’s Human Rights Commission and local police are investigating after racist and homophobic graffiti was found inside a gender neutral bathroom at Arlington High School on Wednesday.

The school, which posted several virtual inclusionary workshops the following day and already issues a monthly anti-racist newsletter, removed the graffiti soon after learning about it and released a community statement on Friday condemning the discriminatory act.

“Vandalism, graffiti, and degrading language are harmful to our school and community,” Principal Matthew Janger wrote, according to CBS Boston, echoing a similar statement released in 2017. “As an educational community, we welcome and encourage debate and diversity of view. Bias and discrimination break down the trust that allows us to share diverse views constructively and learn with and from each other.”


The news station also reported that students attempted to remove the graffiti upon finding it, and while school officials stated it appreciates the sentiment, the school advises students to instead immediately report incidents like the graffiti.

“Sometimes incidents go unreported, even when they appear to be widely known,” Janger wrote, according to CBS Boston. “…Rapid reporting helps minimize the harm, narrows down our investigation, and helps identify folks in need of support. If we are not aware of those affected by incidents, we are not able to inform them of steps taken.”

The school reported the graffiti to the Arlington Police and Human Rights Commission. Arlington Police confirmed Monday that an investigation is ongoing.


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