Harvard and MIT Build A Robot That Can Build Itself

The self-folding crawling robot in three stages
The self-folding crawling robot in three stages –SETH KROLL/ WYSS INSTITUE

Behold! A robot that is so autonomous it can make itself is now a reality, thanks to Harvard and MIT, The Harvard Gazette reports.

But what does that mean?

Check out their video here:

Robert Wood, the Charles River Professor of Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard and member of the team that created the robot, said in an interview:

“Well, robots in general are complex mechanisms: They have articulation, some number of degrees of freedom, they must interact with the world. So we picked a robot not just because we work on robotics, but because they are traditionally difficult to make and control. In this case, it is just a four-legged robot whose body and mechanisms are assembled through this folding process.’’

Well, that’s cool and all. But why is this important?

“Imagine a ream of dozens of robotic satellites sandwiched together so that they could be sent up to space and then assemble themselves remotely once they get there,’’ lead author Sam Felton, a doctoral student at the Engineering and Applied Sciences at Harvard told The Gazette. “They could take images, collect data, and more.’’

It seems that there is a future for these little robots, and only time will tell when humans become, well, no longer necessary.


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