This high-tech toaster can Tweet

A Pittsburgh man has wired up his toaster to his Twitter so that the appliance automatically tweets “Toasting’’ and “Done Toasting’’—and nothing but that—every morning.

Despite its absolute simplicity, the account has over 2,000 followers.

Hans Scharler makes these updates appear by using the ioBridge module, a device designed by his friend Jason Winters to help developers connect various projects to the Internet.

Tweeting toasters may not have been the kind of project Winters had in mind, but Scharler made it happen.

First, Scharler glued a switch to the outside of his toaster that detects when the slider is down and the toaster is on, or when it’s up and finished toasting. Scharler then connected the switch to ioBridge’s digital input with a terminal board, a 1k resistor, and some alligator clips.


Back on ioBridge’s website, Scharler set up an event widget that monitors the input from his contraption. He used the site’s preferences option to send alerts to his Twitter email address when the digital input from the ioBridge module was high—toasting—and low—done toasting.

For photos and a more detailed explanation of how to get a toaster to Tweet, check out Scharler’s blog here.

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