New App Lets You Have An Awkward Staring Contest with a ‘Cute Girl’

A free app that was launched in Japan in 2012 is just now becoming “a thing.’’ It’s called Watching Cute Girl and it is maybe the weirdest program you could possibly have on your phone.

The premise is that the app provides a video of a cute girl (pictured above) for users to stare at while she occasionally says preprogrammed phrases. The reality is that users are basically forced to hold an extremely awkward staring contest while their competitor shouts random phrases with no prompting whatsoever.

A report on the app from Tokyo Desu says it is mostly targeted at “lonely, socially awkward males,’’ but it doesn’t seem like Watching Cute Girl really does anything to resolve loneliness. If you want to get past that issue, you might be better off not staring at a recording of a girl on your phone. Because that’s weird and people will think it’s weird.

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