New Google Feature Will Keep You From Dozing Off Too Long on the T

The Motorola Moto X smartphone, using Google’s Android software.
The Motorola Moto X smartphone, using Google’s Android software. –MARK LENNIHAN/ AP

Whether you are accidentally lulled to sleep during long rides on the T, or whether you’re just trying to get more z’s during your morning commute, Google has a new feature that will keep you from dozing off too long and missing your train stop.

Google is rolling out an alarm feature on Android for public transportation. The feature offers an integrated alarm for saved locations such as home and work when you are using public transportation, according to the blog Android Police.

The alarm knows where and approximately when you should exit -just tap it, and it will alert you before you get there, overcoming the drinking you did earlier in the evening (or previous evening) and saving you a missed stop.

So, when you take a bus or train and open Google Now, it will give you the option to set an alarm to alert you when you need to exit.

According to PC Magazine, the transportation-based alarm feature is a new update to Android’s Google Now service and is completely separate from Android’s regular alarm.

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