Mass. Active on Twitter During US World Cup Run

US goalkeeper Tim Howard during the team’s final group stage match, against Germany.
US goalkeeper Tim Howard during the team’s final group stage match, against Germany. –Getty Images

Compared to other states, Massachusetts has generated the 10th most Twitter activity about the US team during the 2014 World Cup.

That’s according to data from Boston analytics firm Crimson Hexagon, which took a look at all tweets from accounts across the country that identified their location. Not every tweet, we should note, is associated with a location.

Nearly 42,000 tweets about the team have been sent from Massachusetts since June 9, three days before the tournament began. That includes more than 10,400 sent during the USA-Germany game this afternoon.

The majority have been sent on game days for the US team. More than 8,000 tweets were sent from Massachusetts accounts on the days of both the Ghana and Portugal games.


Massachusetts has the smallest population of the top-10 states on the list. The full list can be seen at the end of this article, but it’s topped by California, Texas, and New York, in that order.

It’s sort of silly to measure the world in tweets alone. But if the numbers indicate the state has caught World Cup fever, local TV ratings would say much the same. Boston’s rating was the fourth-highest in the country for the US’s game against Portugal—which drew a record soccer rating nationally—and fifth during the team’s opening Group of Death game against Ghana. Boston also had the second-highest rating in the country for the World Cup’s opening tilt on June 12, pitting Brazil against Croatia.

Here’s the list of the states most actively tweeting about the US Men’s National Team, from Crimson Hexagon.

1. California (248,706 posts)

2. Texas (140,889 posts)

3. New York (203,147 posts)

4. Florida (122,808 posts)

5. Illinois (59,629 posts)

6. Ohio (56,886 posts)

7. Georgia (55,462 posts)

8. Pennsylvania (49,180 posts)

9. North Carolina (45,571 posts)

10. Massachusetts (41,982 posts)

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