Is Uber Expanding into Air Travel?

Uber is partnering with a helicopter booking app to let New Yorkers travel to their Fourth of July weekend destination. –Getty Images

On Thursday, New Yorkers will be able to grab a helicopter ride—a damn helicopter ride!—to their Fourth of July weekend destination through Uber.

The on-demand ride service is partnering with a service called Blade, which helps users book helicopter rides from Manhattan to the Hamptons and Montauk on July 3, according to The New York Times. Since we’re talking about helicopter rides, you can probably guess who the promotion is aimed at.

Young Wall Street types and others willing to pay $2,500 to book a full load on a helicopter can order up an Uber Chopper ride on a Eurocopter AS350 from Midtown Manhattan to the beach resort via Uber's own app, which will shunt customers to Blade’s services. (That comes out to about $500 per seat, a slight discount to Blade's normal price of $575 per seat.)

Uber has offered helicopter rides once before, partnering last year with a larger helicopter company to help rich folk fly around New York.

No word if we can expect Uber to point Boston users in the direction of choppers any time soon. (So, probably not.) We did get Uber boat rides last month, though.


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