Keep Clinging to the Holiday Weekend with a New Perspective on Fireworks

It’s the Monday after a summer holiday and most of us are spending the morning hours longing for more sunshine, beer, and grilling, so go ahead and take a minute to breathe one last breath into that 4th of July weekend spirit with this video from literally inside a fireworks display.

GoPro being GoPro, they decided to strap one of their cameras onto a drone and send it skyward into a field of exploding patriotism and wonder in West Palm Beach, Florida. The result is a pretty spectacular new way to enjoy the good ol’ American tradition of blowing things up to celebrate our independence.


So on this Monday, do not let your regular employment and social shame about drinking before 5 p.m. get you down. Instead, let GoPro and some anonymous drone manufacturer remind you that Americans are a free people capable of eating nearly 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes, winning a war against a tyrannical British monarchy, and dancing among a series of colorful bombs bursting in the sky over Florida. And thanks to that reminder, Independence Day will live on in our hearts, even if only for one more day.

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