Runners To Challenge Green Line Trolley to a Race

If you're a Bostonian, you have probably taken a ride on the Green Line at one point in your life. They may be hated for their slower speeds, but the green cars that roll through Boston and its western neighborhoods are iconic.They’re also pretty massive, even if the crowded rides make them seem cozy. At 72 feet long, you would need almost 1,922 Green Line T cars lined up end-to-end to cover the Boston Marathon route.
Several employees of the Boston startup RunKeeper plan to race the Green Line trolley between the Boston College and Blandford Street stops Friday. –John Tlumacki/GLOBE STAFF

Rita Jeptoo sped down Commonwealth Avenue last April, gracefully outpacing the notoriously sluggish Green Line trolley. One would never guess from her effortless strides that Jeptoo had already run 20 miles on the gruelling Boston Marathon circuit.

A video of her trip circulated on the Internet during the aftermath of the marathon.

And now several employees of the Boston startup RunKeeper are going to try to replicate the feat, challenging the Green Line trolley to yet another race, Boston Magazine reports.

One employee plans to hop on the T, relying on RunKeeper Live to track its progress on the four-mile stretch between the Boston College and Blandford Street stops. Two other employees plan to run the distance and aim to outpace the creaky trolley car as it wobbles down the street.


The event is a collaboration between RunKeeper and The Boston Calendar.

RunKeeper uses GPS to measure the distance of a run and track weight loss through a seamlessly designed interface.

The race, though perhaps a publicity stunt for the app, may answer whether frustrated commuters would be better off jogging the distance than boarding the trolley for a stuffy commute every morning.

The race is slated to take place on Friday. It will be filmed and uploaded to YouTube.

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