Google Unveils Kendall Square Campus

IInterior view of offices in Google's proposal to create an urban campus in Kendall Square.
IInterior view of offices in Google's proposal to create an urban campus in Kendall Square. –Elkus Manfredi

Ping pong tables. A cafeteria that looks like outer space. Ample lounge areas inspired by local areas from Beacon Hill to Cape Cod.

You can find all those things at the recently renovated Google campus in Cambridge.

Google formally unveiled its new Kendall Square campus Tuesday, a large complex that highlights how the search engine continues to put down Cambridge roots.

After renovations, the integrated facility now encompasses the three Google buildings at Cambridge Center, according to The Boston Globe.

Google has long believed that its offices should include lots of common space like the lounges and ping pong tables at Google Boston. The company thinks those perks foster collaborative thinking and creativity—and some pretty competitive ping pong matches. Governor Deval Patrick has played against Google staff on the tables at the Cambridge campus.


Google opened its first Boston office over a decade ago in 2003 and later moved to the technology center of Cambridge. As the search engine bought Android and began developing more smartphone software, the Google team has expanded. It now has hundreds of employees.

According to The Globe, the employees that work from the Cambridge office are busy developing software for YouTube, Chrome Internet, and Flight Search.

Though the company has located its campus just steps away from MIT, Google representatives told the Globe that it recruits from a variety of schools across the area and is hiring now.

Read more about it here.

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