Polaroid Launches Tiny Camera to Challenge GoPro

The new Polaroid cube looks a whole lot more high tech than this old polaroid camera.
The new Polaroid cube looks a whole lot more high tech than this old polaroid camera. –Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

GoPro has come to control the market for personal cameras that can capture videos on helicopters or army tanks, on a mountain or underwater.

Polaroid, however, has announced that it intends to give GoPro a run for its money.

The company has launched the Polaroid Cube, a miniscule camera that stands at only 35 millimeters tall.

Its wide angled lens covers 124 degrees and can capture 1080p HD videos similar to those taken on a GoPro.

The tiny camera also has a magnet that would let it attach to the same surfaces that a GoPro does.

The company has launched a series of gadgets to glue the device onto other non magnetic surfaces. They include pendants, helmet and bike mounts, waterproof cases, and the inexplicable “monkey stand’’ which, basically, is a stand that looks like a monkey.


The Polaroid Cube boasts a water resistant and shockproof housing so that it can be submerged under water and dropped from great heights—all the while capturing vivid video footage.

The Cube enters a market dominated by GoPro, which has had a rough month on the market. Its stock price plummeted during August after a volatile few months immediately after its IPO, according to Money Morning.

The Cube is starting at $100, which makes it quite a bit cheaper than GoPro. GoPro, however, probably has the claim to brand cache for daredevil videography at this stage.

The Polaroid Cube is now available for pre-order.

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