Green Line Smartphone Tracking Getting Closer

The announcements play at some above-ground Green Line stations.
A Green Line train accelerates as it leaves the Park Street Station. –Globe Staff

Waiting for the Green Line will soon no longer be an exercise in wishcasting, Boston Magazine reports.

The MBTA confirmed Friday that they’re working with outside vendors to put the finishing touches on a new system in both the train cars and underground passageways so that passengers can pinpoint the exact arrival times of the Green Line using smartphone apps. had previously reported plans for Green Line tracking were underway.

The T didn’t say when the new tech will be rolled out. More information will be available later this year, according to Boston Mag reporter Steve Annear.

The other train lines have already had these tracking capabilities for a few years, since 2010. By getting on-board, the Green Line will settle one area of passenger aggravation. One area.

Read Boston Magazine’s full report here.


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