OMG! You Won’t Believe What Facebook is Doing to Headlines Like This

–Jeff Chiu/Assosciated Press

News organizations are about to have trouble getting away with click-bait headlines on their Facebook posts. The social media site announced today that it’s implementing measures to lessen the reach of posts that encourage clicks without including information about what a reader will see.

Facebook will use two methods to determine how click-baity a link is. The first is the amount of time users spend on a link after clicking it. If a lot of users immediately go back to Facebook after clicking a link, it could get flagged as click-bait and do worse in rankings for the News Feed.


The other method is comparing the ratio of clicks to likes, comments, and shares. The announcement says that these two methods will help Facebook determine how valuable a link is to its users and whether or not it should be featured in News Feeds.

The Twitter account @SavedYouAClick recently made headlines for its fight against click-bait. The account fills in the necessary info so readers don’t need to click on stories with misleading or baiting headlines. It’s already on this story:

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