Disney World Wants to Bring In the Drones

Could drones be on their way to Disney?
Could drones be on their way to Disney? –Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Disney parks will soon add an extra dose of magic to their parades and other events—in the form of drones.

Last week, Disney filed three patents for use of the aircrafts as fireworks, marionettes, and screen projectors.

The firework drones, or as Disney calls them “flixels,’’ will fly through the night skies flashing colorful pixels above park guests. According to MarketWatch, these could eventually even replace fireworks.

Other drones would be used to haul around big puppets, MarketWatch reports.

Disney will first have to seek approval from the Federal Aviation Administration, which currently prohibits commercial use of drones, Forbes reports.

Until then, head over to TechCrunch to check out the patent pictures of the drones in action.

h/t TechCrunch


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