This Boston company thinks it’s solved digital publishing’s revenue problem

A sample question from Boston-based startup HelloToken.
A sample question from Boston-based startup HelloToken. –Globe FIle

The publishing world has long wrestled with the prospect of turning a profit online. Boston-based HelloToken, working out of the Harvard Innovation lab, has taken the problem head on, according to BetaBoston.

HelloToken, co-founded by Harvard graduate Brian Truong, will ask users a single question. The answers to these questions will be passed to researchers, and the revenue–about 6 cents per question–is passed on to site operators.

“My generation has grown up thinking that the Internet is free, and content is free,’’ Truong said. “We allow users to pay without pulling out their wallet. They can tip a blogger by just answering questions.’’

With $400,000 raised from investors in the last month, Truong told BetaBoston that 60 small and mid-sized publishers signed on to pilot test the venture beginning in October.

Read the full story at BetaBoston.

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