Watch: New video from Boston Dynamics shows a robot dancing to Bruno Mars

SpotMini busted some moves to the singer's hit song 'Uptown Funk.'

It can climb stairs, open doors, and now — dance?

SpotMini, the four-legged creation of Boston Dynamics, busted some moves to Bruno Mars’s “Uptown Funk,” including doing the moonwalk and twerking, in a video posted by the robotics company on Tuesday.

The doglike robot first stirred reactions two years ago when its advanced techniques, like being able to wash the dishes and maneuver indoors, were made public. And since then, the quadruped has received an updated look and abilities.

Charlie Brooker, creator of the anthology drama “Black Mirror,” was so inspired — and horrified — by the Boston Dynamics videos that he developed an episode focusing on what a post-apocalyptic future might be like if the robot dogs took over, he told Entertainment Weekly last year.


But, for now, enjoy the video of SpotMini showing off its moves.