Boston’s WGBH-TV is sued by woodworking show host Tommy Mac

Tommy MacDonald getting his makeup done for the show in 2010. –Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff/File

Thomas J. MacDonald, who goes by the nickname “Tommy Mac,’’ spent years filming himself while he built fine furniture. He posted the videos online for his weekly webcast, “The Rough Cut Show,’’ and developed such a following that WGBH-TV eventually picked up the show.

MacDonald went on to host “Rough Cut: Woodworking With Tommy Mac,’’ for seven seasons on WGBH, and after the last season ended in December 2016, he thought the series was over.

But it wasn’t. Last fall, MacDonald was surprised to find out that WGBH was promoting Season 8 of “Rough Cut,’’ with a new host named Tom McLaughlin.